S 8

E 13

Finale Part 1


Episode Clips

Exit Interview: Episode 13 1m 28s
Extended Judging of Andy South, Episode 13 2m 0s
Extended Judging of Gretchen Jones, Episode 13 2m 22s
Extended Judging of Michael Costello, Episode 13 2m 18s
Andy South's Design Retrospective 1m 57s
Mondo Guerra's Design Retrospective 2m 41s
Gretchen Jones' Design Retrospective 2m 8s
Michael Costello's Design Retrospective 1m 43s
Andy South's Best Moments 1m 41s
Mondo Guerra's Best Moments 1m 54s
Gretchen Jones' Best Moments 1m 40s
Michael Costello's Best Moments 1m 47s
Designers Dish: Episode 13 2m 20s
Michael Costello Video Blog: Episode 13 0m 59s
Gretchen Jones Video Blog: Episode 13 1m 9s
Mondo Guerra Video Blog: Episode 13 0m 51s
Andy South Video Blog: Episode 13 0m 55s
Tim Critiques Gretchen Jones: Episode 13 2m 3s
Tim Critiques Michael Costello: Episode 13 2m 44s
Tim Critiques Mondo Guerra: Episode 13 2m 26s
Tim Critiques Andy South: Episode 13 2m 46s
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