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Project Runway

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The "Project Runway" Blog

Your guide to all things "Runway," from the designers and models to the judges and everything in between. Stop here for the latest news!

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Posted by laurareineke 10/24/14 04:27 pm (Comments)

Nick Verreos Blog

Back again for more blogging, Season 2 designer and red-carpet expert extraordinaire will be letting his wit loose on the site with weekly runway raves and rants.

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Posted by laurareineke 10/24/14 04:56 am (Comments)

Laura Bennett Blog

Our newest blogger, this Season 3 finalist and mom of six will be weighing in on "serious ugly," fabulous and all things in between on the runway.

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Posted by kim_messina 8/17/12 04:13 am (Comments)

Carol Hannah Whitfield Blog

Your favorite Season 6 Southern belle is ready to turn the tables and blog for Season 8.

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Posted by CaitlinBergmann 10/29/10 05:00 am (Comments)