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Tim Navarro

Tim Navarro

Age 32, Minneapolis, MN - Out Episode 1
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Q&A Tim's Take
QDescribe your family. AWe are very close, competitive and welcoming. Growing up, my father fostered an environment of being our best selves. It led to us being pretty competitive with each other. Our mother was more nurturing and encouraged us to fallow our creative selves. I learned to not be afraid of failure, that embracing and learning from those faults one could create a path to success.
QCurrent occupation? AI am a small business owner. I just closed the doors of the store I owned and operated with my twin brother, Thom Navarro. Along with a few of our associates, we have started a production company titled Cult Collective ( Our launch event, Icons (, will debut June 27th, 2014.
QPast jobs? AMenswear designer for TIM+THOM (, former co-owner of a custom boutique called ‘You and Me,’ server at the Mill, NE.
QPets? AHarvey, female black and white cat; Dora, female black lab.
QNicknames? A'Dagger McCutty'' -- self-given for Instagram because I like the way it sounds.
QWhen did you realize you had designer potential? AI realized I had designer potential when I saw my brother making money off of designs he created. I thought, I’m a tailor and am just as creative as he is; if he can do it I can. I love the direction it has taken me and still keep a healthy sense of competition going between us.
QFirst garment you ever made? AUnfortunately, I don’t have any picture of the first garment I ever made but can describe it. It was a sleeveless, white boat-neck men’s shirt- that draped from the shoulders. I added a geometric wool cut-out to the chest to make it look more masculine. Ha! It was the first item I ever sold too.
QWhat's your design training/schooling, etc.? AI am a self-taught tailor – you could say my mom taught me to sew too. My twin brother and I would have to alter our own clothes by hand if we didn’t like the hand-me-downs we received from our brothers and sister.
QHave you won any awards for your designs/work related to design? AI have not won any awards personally. Our store ‘You and Me’ was the first local boutique granted the Eco-Friendly label by Sol Inspirations, a local company dedicated to creating sustainable fashion.
QStrengths as a designer? AMy strengths as a designer lay in menswear, my attention to detail and my background as a tailor. I was taught to know the rules before I could break them. If I can’t figure out how do it the right way, I create a path for myself.
QWeaknesses as a designer? AMy weaknesses as a designer would probably be working with delicate fabrics, such as silk chiffon, etc. Sometimes my hands don’t move as fast as my brain and it can put me out of sync. I need to be more patient as I work.
QWhat are your influences? AMy influences range from Zegna to the local bicycle community. I’m most inspired by the GLBT community because of their confidence beyond the clothes they wear.
QWhat's playing on your iPod when you're designing? AIt’s very eclectic, ranging from electronic to indie-pop. Most times rock-a-billy, Motown favorites new and old, Imperial Teen and local artists like Lazy Ike and the Daredevils, L’Assassins, Taj Raj and the Wreckless Ones.
QFavorite material or fabric to work with? AI would have to say wool suiting. I love to challenge myself with making fabrics like cordura do what they’re not normally intended for.
QItem you're most proud of designing? AThe design I’m most proud of is a three-piece woman’s suit. It was a custom design and my first GLBT wedding design. It carries personal meaning with me and I gained a very good friend because of it.
QFavorite designer(s)? AZegna, local designers in my community like Laura Fulk, Sarah Holm, and Danielle Everine. I would be lying if I didn’t say Alexander McQueen – but who doesn’t love his work. You’re crazy if you can’t appreciate what he gave to the world.
QSketch or drape? ASketch for sure! I feel like I have more control of the outcome. Draping is fun when I feel whimsy.
QPatterns or solids? AI love the depth a pattern creates but sometimes so much more can be said with a solid.
QFavorite colors? ABlue, green, red, and earth tones.
QBiggest fear as a designer? ANot seeing my clothes being worn. If someone were to buy my clothes I hope they wear it until it’s threadbare. That’s how I wear my clothes.
QFashion must? AEveryone should own a vest and wear it. It’s the easiest piece in my closet to dress up a look.
QFashion faux pas that drives you crazy? AYoga pants worn as outside of a casual or work out setting. I saw someone wearing them, with a baggy shawl / poncho thing, to a wedding I attended. I thought to myself, there could have been a better choice made for that occasion.
QUgliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn? AHow about worst look I’ve ever worn? A polyester black dress shirt, with purple and green squares that had a heart and spade stitched on the front, purple pants that were 3 sizes too big and platform shoes. I was 13; that with the way I styled my hair didn’t help me avoid bullies. Haha!
QFavorite style icon? AI would say Prince. It can get a little crazy but every time I’m like “Damn! That man can Dress.’’ I admire his confidence.
QWhat would you design for the First Lady? AA sleeveless boat-neck, form-fitting, knee-length dress with a sheer back or deep scoop back.
QCelebrity you wish you could design for? AI’d really lie to design for Brian Setzer. I would love to design a vest and jacket combination for him to wear. He’s an active performer so I think something I made would be worn well by him.
QFavorite supermodel muse? AGemma Ward.
QIf you had to name your label, you'd call it... ATim Navarro or Tim Navarro for TIM+THOM.
QIf you weren't designing, you'd be... AI would be producing one-of-a-kind tastemaker events of fashion, music, art, cinema and gastronomy that strengthen our local craft communities. I would use it as a platform to create a sustainable local industry.
QDream place to set up your business? AIt would be my dream for Minnesota to create / have an independent voice in the fashion industry.
QWebsites that feature your work?,,
QHow were you described as a kid? AI think I was a pretty quiet child until you addressed me. It was easy to make me laugh – It still is.
QHow are you described by your family and friends? AI believe they would say that I’m outgoing, sometimes cocky.
QWhy do you think you're easy to live with? AI don’t know if I’m easy to live with. I usually like my own space and time away from others. In this scenario I might say not easy.
QFavorite hangout? AAny place that has darts and a good juke box.
QHobbies? AI like to sketch, read and daydream. In the summer I play softball, kickball and ride my bike. In the winter I play broomball and go to movies.
QFavorite movies and TV shows? AI’ve been addicted to “The Walking Dead” and love “The Fall.”
QFavorite books/authors? AI love graphic novels. I am currently reading Armistead Maupin’s 1980’s series, “Tales of the City.”
QFavorite websites? I would be lost in this world without it. I’d be the guy in the group that asks how do I google?
QiPhone/Android/Blackberry? AI currently own an iPhone but would like to convert back to Android.
QFast food or gourmet? AI love gourmet aaand pizza so, gourmet pizza!
QCooking or takeout? ATakeout.
QFavorite foods? AMom's rice, followed by pizza.
QBeer or wine? ABeer when playing sports. Wine for reading and relaxing with friends.
QGuiltiest pleasure? AMan. Comic books and really bad movies!
QBiggest pet peeve? AOther drivers who don't know how much space they inhabit.
QHow did you end up auditioning for PR? AI was honored when “Project Runway” contacted me to audition. I agreed to apply once before and again this season.
QFavorite past PR designer? AAustin Scarlett (Season 1) and Nick Verreos (Season 2).
QChallenge you wish they'd bring back? AI really liked the challenge that made the designers create designs from the interior of cars.
QChallenge you hope they don't? ANot sure. I love a challenge.
QYour take on team challenges: AI love them! It helps define the designer, how they work with others and how they would treat an employee.
QWhat do you look for in a model? AWhen choosing a model I first look at their walk and the way they use facial expressions.
QDo you think you can win "Project Runway"? AI feel that my background in tailoring lends itself to my success with in the show. I just have to allow my creativity to take control. The rest is just muscle memory.
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