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Sandhya Garg

Sandhya Garg

Age 28, Birmingham, AL - Out Episode 9
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Q&A Sandhya's Take
QDescribe your family. ALoving and very supportive.
QCurrent occupation? ASelf-employed designer.
QPast jobs? AAllen Solly assistant womenswear designer India, Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperley, Izmaylova hand embroiderer, Liberty London sales, Schway services (web developing), all in London.
QPets? ANone at present. In past, I had a Doberman called Rani, which means "queen" in English.
QNicknames? APethu, which means pumpkin in Hindi, my native language. My dad calls me that whenever he sees me. He loves me more than anything.
QWhen did you realize you had designer potential? AI was always artistic, strong headed and very different from others. I loved designing clothes and bags for my dolls since I was 8 years old. I realized fashion design was what I had to do when I was 10 years old. Since then I have worked towards it.
QFirst garment you ever made? AI made boxes full of clothes for my Barbie doll; I made my own skirt and pants when I was 10.
QWhat's your design training/schooling, etc.? AI have two design degrees. The first one is from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), India, and the second one is from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London UK.
QStrengths as a designer? AMy ability to face criticism positively, hunger for learning something new every day, respecting others’ work, and fire in my heart to not rest till I fulfill my dreams. (But then my dreams are infinite.)
QWeaknesses as a designer? AI work on my weaknesses to make them my strengths; right now I am working on my styling eye.
QWhat are your influences? AI have looked at royal families of India for expensive and refined taste. When I was at Alexander McQueen I learned the power of flawless craftsmanship. My aesthetic is to design garments that please and intrigue the eye.
QWhat's playing on your iPod when you're designing? ARadio. I like surprises.
QFavorite material or fabric to work with? AI don’t have one favorite material. I love working with variety.
QItem you're most proud of designing? AI am always proud of all my designs, especially my latest work.
QFavorite designer(s)? AAlexander McQueen, Manish Arora, Olivier Rousteing.
QSketch or drape? ASketch.
QPatterns or solids? APatterns with solids.
QFavorite colors? AI love all colors, but I am partial toward purple.
QBiggest fear as a designer? AThat my work will not be liked or I won't be able to finish something to best of my abilities.
QFashion must? APersonal style.
QFashion faux pas that drives you crazy? AAnimal prints gone wrong.
QUgliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn? AStone-washed jeans with whiskers and all that jazz.
QFavorite style icon? AGayati Devi.
QWhat would you design for the First Lady? AI would design a light lemon yellow or lime mint green jumpsuit to give her a fun casual chic look.
QCelebrity you wish you could design for? AMadonna, my version of a conical bra.
QFavorite supermodel muse? AHeidi Klum.
QIf you had to name your label, you'd call it... ASandhya Garg.
QIf you weren't designing, you'd be... ADead or brain dead.
QDream place to set up your business? ANew York or Paris or London
QWebsites that feature your work? Awww.sandhyagarg.com
QHow were you described as a kid? ASuper energetic, always excited, happy, loud and strong minded.
QHow are you described by your family and friends? AMy family says I do what I say, I am very strong-minded. I have always been a dreamer and super ambitious. My husband says I am sweet and a feminist.
QWhy do you think you're easy to live with? AMy ability to laugh at myself makes me easy to live with. I am organized, clean and hygienic. I believe in respecting others' space and belongings.
QFavorite hangout? AAll time favorite: by the banks of River Thames in London.
QHobbies? AResearching stories, concepts and techniques, theatre, sport activities, national level handball back in school in India.
QFavorite movies and TV shows? ATV shows: "Malgudi Days," "1001 Arabian Nights," "The Big Bang Theory," "Family Guy," "Hannibal." Favorite movie: "Top Gun."
QFavorite books/authors? AKhushwant Singh. Right now Fashionable Selby and a vintage book on crazy physics.
QYour Twitter handle: A@sandhyagarg
QiPhone/Android/Blackberry? AiPhone for now.
QFast food or gourmet? AGourmet.
QCooking or takeout? ATakeout.
QFavorite foods? ANoodles.
QBeer or wine? ANone.
QGuiltiest pleasure? AChocolate cake.
QBiggest pet peeve? AI might repeat same story or event a million times with same passion.
QHow did you end up auditioning for PR? AI have been a “Project Runway” fan from the start (yes, people in India also watch “Project Runway”) but as I just recently moved to USA I had the opportunity to apply. I applied for Season 12 and “Under the Gunn” and decided I will keep applying till I am selected which was this time.
QFavorite past PR designer? ADom and Bradon.
QChallenge you wish they'd bring back? ACandy store unconventional challenge or kidswear challenge without crying baby dolls.
QChallenge you hope they don't? AAny menswear challenge.
QYour take on team challenges: AHate to love them. Team challenges can be great if the team gets along well and a disaster if not.
QWhat do you look for in a model? AReally tall with strong shoulders and sharp features.
QDo you think you can win "Project Runway"? AYes, simply because I live for this. I live for fashion design, to show my work to everyone. Being in "Project Runway" for me is like putting King Kong back in jungle after captivity. I might be struggling through some challenges as I do have my flaws but I have the strongest determination in the group. The phrase “Make it work” could be my first name.