Daniel Esquivel

Age 48, Austin, TX- Out Episode 13

Q: Describe your family.

A: Eclectic mix of personalities.

Q: Current occupation?

A: Freelance designer.

Q: Past jobs?

A: Retail sales.

Q: Pets?

A: Lulu, mini schnauzer.

Q: Nicknames?

A: Dano.

Q: When did you realize you had designer potential?

A: When I was 16.

Q: First garment you ever made?

A: Corduroy gauchos and vest for my sister.

Q: What.s your design training/schooling, etc.?

A: Self-taught.

Q: Have you won any awards for your designs/work related to design?

A: No. QStrengths as a designer? AVery fashion-intuitive.

Q: Weaknesses as a designer?

A: Sketching.

Q: What are your influences?

A: In the past it was by the Hitchcock style and being able to transform it forward. Now it's artists, museums, architecture and music.

Q: Favorite material or fabric to work with?

A: High-tech fabrics.

Q: Favorite designer(s)?

A: Wes Gordon.

Q: Sketch or drape?

A: Both. I sketch my basic idea, then let the fabric and the form guide me.

Q: Patterns or solids?

A: Both.

Q: Favorite colors?

A: Black, white and red.

Q: Biggest fear as a designer?

A: Not buying enough fabric.

Q: Fashion must?

A: A fabulous jacket!

Q: Fashion faux pas that drives you crazy?

A: When I see somebody wearing leggings and it's not done right.

Q: Ugliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn?

A: A pair of banana-yellow pants!

Q: Favorite style icon?

A: Sarah Jessica Parker.

Q: What would you design for the first lady?

A: A really cool jacket.

Q: Celebrity you wish you could design for?

A: Sarah Jessica Parker. A silk and wool high-wasted leather peplum jacket and skinny crop pants.

Q: If you had to name your label, you'd call it...

A: Daniel Esquivel

Q: If you weren't designing, you'd be...

A: A personal stylist.

Q: Places/cultures you wish you could design for?

A: Germany.

Q: Dream place to set up your business?

A: Dallas, Texas.

Q: Websites that feature your work?

A: None.

Q: How were you described as a kid?

A: Energetic.

Q: How are you described by your family and friends?

A: Energetic.

Q: Favorite hangout?

A: The Iron Bear in Austin, Texas.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Like to go to movies, restaurants, museums.

Q: Favorite movies and TV shows?

A: "American Horror Story: Asylum."

Q: iPhone/Android/Blackberry?

A: iPhone.

Q: Fast food or gourmet?


Q: Cooking or takeout?


Q: Favorite foods?

A: TexMex.

Q: Beer or wine?

A: Beer.

Q: Guiltiest pleasure?

A: Sweets.

Q: Biggest pet peeve?

A: Not being on time.

Q: How did you end up auditioning for PR?

A: First-time audition, encouraged by friend.

Q: Favorite past PR designer?

A: Mondo

Q: Your take on team challenges:

A: Loved them. Because I got to work with and help others.

Q: What do you look for in a model?

A: Height.

Q: Do you think you can win "Project Runway"?

A: Yes, because I have my point of view about fashion.