Kooan Kosuke

Himeji, Japan - Out Episode 4

Q: When did you realize you had designer potential?

A 16 years old.

Q: First garment you ever made?

A: 16 years old.

Q: What's your design training/schooling?

A: Fashion Institute of Technology.

Q: Have you won any awards?

A: Fusion Fashion Show, "The Best Designer of FIT of 2006."

Q: Strengths as a designer?

A: Designing, pattern making, draping, tailoring, etc.

Q: What have been your influences?

A: The world that is in front of me, anywhere and any situation.

Q: What's playing on your iPod while you design?

A: Random music from all different genres. The Jackson 5!

Q: Favorite material/fabric to work with?

A: Some material of fabric that I've never seen or used before.

Q: Item you're most proud to have designed?

A: Jacket, jumpsuits.

Q: Favorite designer(s)?

A: Kenzo, Jean Paul Gaultier.

Q: Sketch or drape?

A: Both.

Q: Patterns or solids?

A: Yes.

Q: Favorite colors?

A: Every color!

Q: Biggest fear as a designer?

A: Think about the time that everyone stops wearing clothing.

Q: Fashion must?

A: Fashion must fashion!

Q: Fashion faux pas that drives you crazy?

A: Not at all.

Q: Ugliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn?

A: Hmm.

Q: Favorite style icon?

A:  Michael Jackson.

Q: How would you dress Michelle Obama?

A: Outfit that's covered by Obama beads.

Q: Favorite super model muse?

A: Ai Tominaga. 

Q: If you had to name your label, you'd call it...

A: KOOan and KOOan.

Q: If you weren't designing, you'd be...

A:  Your mother.

Q: Any cultures/places you wish you could design for?

A: Space shuttle!

Q: Dream place to set up your design business?

A:  New York.

Q: List of websites featuring your work?

A:  facebook.com/kooan

Q: How were you described as a kid?

A:  Smart big head and small butt and shortest leg that can run fast.

Q: How are you described now?

A:  He doesn't know how to shut up, and he's crazy, but truthfully, actually Kooan is nice.

Q: Why are you easy or difficult to live with?

A:  Cause my blood type is O!

Q: Favorite hangout?

A: Friend's place! Anywhere.

Q: Hobbies?

A: Skiing, swimming, watching people who look at me, KARAOKE!

Q: Favorite films/TV shows?

A: "Futurama," "Soul Plane," "South Park."

Q: On Twitter?

A: @kooan

Q: Favorite tweeters to follow?

A: @hellojonte

Q: iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?

A: Android.

Q: Fast food or gourmet?

A:  Both! I love Popeye's!

Q: Cooking or takeout?

A:  Both! I love cooking at my friend's place.

Q: Favorite food(s)?

A: Let me say out loud: SUSHI! I love Dragon Rolls, but I do like A-1 sauce.

Q: Beer or wine?

A:  Beer? Maybe. Maybe wine. Can't even drink much of either.

Q: How'd you end up auditioning for PR?

A:  First time I tried out when I was still a student, and they weren't looking for a student, so I was out! Second time was for Season 6. I did a show in Brooklyn, and someone found me. And while I realized I was already cast, my green card did not.

Q: Favorite PR designer?

A:  Jay McCarroll, Chloe Dao, Santino Rice.

Q: Challenge you hope they don't bring back?

A:  Making something for someone's mother.

Q: What's your take on team challenges?

A:  Love them and hate them! I don't know why!

Q: What do you look for in a model?

A:  Inside beauty is everything. I like to talk and see how it goes besides the look.

Q: Do you think you can win PR?

A:  YES! Because I SAY so. Well, because I am going to try my best of best and see what happens.