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Fabio Costa

29, Brooklyn, NY

When did you realize you had designer potential?

Before I went to school, when I started customizing my own clothing because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted to wear.

First garment you ever made?

I remember a skirt made out of 15 neckties. First school project.

What's your design training/schooling?

Fashion Design School.

Have you won any awards?

Not awards, but I had an editorial published on me and my designs.

Strengths as a designer?

Unique sense of style. Progressive construction.

Weaknesses as a designer?

Tendency to overlook finishing touches.

What have been your influences?

Music is always a theme in my designs, but I'm also influenced by my surroundings, people, places, streets, and as I incorporate them into my own way of dressing it also influences my work.

What's playing on your iPod while you design?

Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Portishead, Agnes Obel.

Favorite material/fabric to work with?

Cotton gauze, voile, linen.

Item you're most proud to have designed?

My first pair of pants.

Favorite designer(s)?

Commes des Garcons, Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeuelemeester.

Sketch or drape?


Patterns or solids?


Favorite colors?

Black, white, gray, seafoam green.

Biggest fear as a designer?

Not being understood.

Fashion must?

A hat.

Fashion faux pas that drives you crazy?

Leggings as pants.

Ugliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn?

A bedsheet-draped tunic, on my birthday.

Favorite style icon?

Roisin Murphy, Diana Vreeland.

How would you dress Michelle Obama?

Black capri pants, a muted-tone striped blouse with a cream organza blazer.

Dream celebrity client? What would you make for him/her?

Bjork. I would make her a dress that is to be worn upside down.

Favorite super model muse?

Mila Jovovich.

If you had to name your label, you'd call it...


If you weren't designing, you'd be...

Really sad at life.

Any cultures/places you wish you could design for?


Dream place to set up your design business?


List of websites featuring your work?


How were you described as a kid?

Very active, with a bunch of friends.

How are you described now?

A very select group of people that inspire and support me.

Why are you easy or difficult to live with?

I am. I keep my mess exclusively to my room.

Favorite hangout?

Any jazz bar.


Playing pool.

Favorite films/TV shows?

"Parks and Recreation," "SNL," "Shortbus," "Velvet Goldmine."

Favorite books/authors?

"The Little Prince."

Favorite websites?

Gawker, style.com, Designiskinky.

On Twitter?


Favorite tweeters to follow?

I'm not very active on Twitter.

iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?


Fast food or gourmet?


Cooking or takeout?


Favorite food(s)?

Japanese, Thai.

Beer or wine?


Guiltiest pleasure?

Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Biggest pet peeve?

Sneezing without covering your mouth.

How'd you end up auditioning for PR?

First time.

Favorite PR designer?


Challenge you hope they bring back?

HP "create your own print" challenge.

Challenge you hope they don't bring back?

Design an outfit with car pieces.

What's your take on team challenges?

Don't love, don't hate. Depending on the team, it could be a great opportunity to grow and collaborate.

What do you look for in a model?

A unique look. I love redheads. A strong, confident walk and a personal style that shows individuality.

Do you think you can win PR?

I know I can win. I understand my strengths and weaknesses, but I also understand that this is a design competition and I know that my ideas are unique and fresh. That's what the judges are looking for, that's what the industry is looking for, but ultimately it is what the progressive customer is looking for. People don't want to look generic and boring, and I'm the designer that's going to bring in the new.