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Alicia Hardesty

27, Brandenburg, KY

When did you realize you had designer potential?

I didn't really think about my potential as a designer until halfway through my design program, but I never thought I didn't have potential. I was just following what I wanted to do, and that's all I knew. I knew I was creative and not afraid to take risks.

First garment you ever made?

The first full garment I made from scratch, including the pattern, was a pair of pants. This was in school. Most everyone else stuck to skirts because that was simpler. Well, I had no interest in skirts. I wanted to make pants, so I figured it out, zipper, pocket bags and all.

What's your design training/schooling?

I went to Colorado State University for my design and production training.

Have you won any awards?

In college I won a target market award for my senior design line.

Strengths as a designer?

I'm very adaptive and a problem solver. I can create with all kinds of materials, for various target markets and from various sources of inspiration.

Weaknesses as a designer?

Keeping it simple. I always remind myself not to force too many ideas into one piece.

What have been your influences?

Art, mixed media and other cultures have been big influences for me in the past. Androgyny is more of an influence for me now than ever, but also other creative industries, films, music, etc. My upbringing in Kentucky is big for me now as well.

What's playing on your iPod while you design?

Depends on the mood I'm in: Jack White, reggae (Bob, Damian Marley type), Florence + the Machine, classical mix, Kings of Leon, Rage Against the Machine, Jay-Z, M.I.A., Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Nappy Roots and John Butler Trio.

Favorite material/fabric to work with?

I love lightweight jersey (cotton, Tencel, wool, etc.) and all kinds of denim.

Item you're most proud to have designed?

The pieces I've done for Original Tomboy. They've gotten great feedback and people on both sides of the gender divide are feelin' it.

Favorite designer(s)?

Chanel, Ralph Lauren.

Sketch or drape?

Sketch. But draping is necessary to test out the feasibility of the fabric and silhouette.

Patterns or solids?

Solids, but I'm a big fan of washes on solids.

Favorite colors?

Black, navy, deep grass green, orange, gunmetal and brick red.

Biggest fear as a designer?

Getting stuck in a 9-to-5 working on someone else's goals and plans.

Fashion must?

A dope jacket - leather, denim, whatever, as long as it fits well and looks damn good.

Fashion faux pas that drives you crazy?

Pajama pants in public, I will never understand.

Ugliest item of clothing/accessory you've worn?

I wore this skirt one time out of this really ugly fabric, yellow I think. It's so bad I blocked it out.

Favorite style icon?

Right now, Tilda Swinton.

How would you dress Michelle Obama?

I would design a high-waisted pantsuit, sleeveless, sleek, navy, trim details and classy buttons.

Dream celebrity client? What would you make for him/her?

Ellen Degeneres. I would give her two different looks, one more casual/street and one more formal - something a little edgier than what we see her in for her show everyday. Oh, and I'd love to design something for Johnny Depp. We're from the same state and he has a really great look for edgy, offbeat styles.

Favorite super model muse?

Agyness Den and a lesser-known model Az Marie.

If you had to name your label, you'd call it...

Original Tomboy or Mod-Huck.

If you weren't designing, you'd be...

A Pprofessional traveler, photographer, drummer and florist.

Any cultures/places you wish you could design for?

The people of Syria.

Dream place to set up your design business?

 would like to set up in L.A. I love the weather.

List of websites featuring your work?

ustrendy.com/alicia-h/portfolio, aliciahardesty.com, theoriginaltomboy.com and artwanted.com/stilts

How were you described as a kid?

Shy, artistic, active, quiet kid, ambitious, mindful and well-mannered.

How are you described now?

I asked my closest friends/family and these are their answers: Uniquely versatile, determined, ambitious, tenacious, fearless, hardworking, freewheeling, funny, humble, reliable, responsible, intelligent, very positive, kind, honest, assertive and moral.

Why are you easy or difficult to live with?

I'm very flexible, which makes it easy, but I can be stubborn which might make it difficult.

Favorite hangout?

Nighttime in the desert or the country, away from the city lights, having a drink with a couple of friends, looking at the stars through a clear sky.


I love being outdoors (hiking, swimming, running, stargazing, bike riding, etc.), watching movies, trying new food, analyzing scripts with my girlfriend and road trips when I can.

Favorite films/TV shows?

"Real Time with Bill Maher," "Will & Grace," "The Big C," "The United States of Tara," "American Dad!", "Kinyarwanda," "Shame," "The Tempest" (awesome wardrobe), "The Hours," "The Triplets of Belleville," "Midnight in Paris," "The Life Aquatic."

Favorite books/authors?

"Fashion is Spinach," "The Great Gatsby," "The Perks of Being A Wallflower," "Tipping the Velvet," "The Power of Now," "Think & Grow Rich," "To Be Real," "The Secret Life of Bees." I love Toni Morrison's work also.

Favorite websites?

trendland.com, thrillist.com, fashionmag.com, behindthehustle.com, style.com and sportswearnet.com

On Twitter?


Favorite tweeters to follow?

@lafashionweek, @vogueparis, @thinkprogress, @theonion, @Oprah, @theellenshow, @GreatestQuotes, @TheDailyShow, @DalaiLama, @FamousWomen, @Jesus_M_Christ, @womensweardaily, @apparelnews

iPhone, Android, or Blackberry?

iPhone, but right now I have an Android and I like it.

Fast food or gourmet?

I'm somewhere in between. I like to eat clean and healthy, but I'm down for some fast food too.

Cooking or takeout?

I like to cook, for the most part.

Favorite food(s)?

Chips and salsa, fried green tomatoes, mashed potatoes and gravy, Indian food, sweet tea, egg salad, watermelon, baklava, my girlfriend's lasagna and anything my mom or mammaw make.

Beer or wine?

Both, but most often beer.

Guiltiest pleasure?

Southern hip-hop, sour Gummy Worms, "The Young and the Restless."

Biggest pet peeve?

Not trying.

How'd you end up auditioning for PR?

I had never auditioned before. I always thought it wasn't something I would actually go through with, although several people have told me to. Our roommate at the time came home from work talking about it, I looked it up and the deadline was literally the next day. I started on the application that morning, then realized I had to do a video, so he and my girlfriend set up the camera, interview style, and we finished it in two takes. My girlfriend and I rushed the package over to Van Nuys and made it there by 5:35!

Favorite PR designer?

Ra'mon Lawrence.

Challenge you hope they bring back?

I heard about a car parts challenge. I would like to take a stab at that one.

Challenge you hope they don't bring back?

The challenge with the women wrestler/fighters. Love the ladies, not so much what they had to design for them, though.

What's your take on team challenges?

They're alright, not my favorite thing. However, I like it because it's a challenging exercise. Designing is hardly ever done all by your lonesome, when it's all said and done, so it's good practice.

What do you look for in a model?

I like models with an interesting face that can tell a unique story. I don't like them to look too sweet or innocent, and I like models with darker skin - we don't see them enough.

Do you think you can win PR?

Does anybody say no? Yes, I think I could win. I do think I have something different to offer as a designer, a different perspective. I plan to let that shine as much as I can, and ride the roller coaster to the end.