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"Project Runway" Nominated for Five Emmys!

Posted By laurareineke 10:28am GMT

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the 2013 EmmysBig news, "Runway" devotees: This morning the show was nominated for FIVE primetime Emmy Awards!

- Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program - Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn
- Outstanding Reality-Competition Program
- Outstanding Cinematography For Reality Programming - Gus Dominguez
- Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming - Craig Spirko
- Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming - Julie Cohen, Scott Austin Hahn, Adrienne Salisbury, Eileen Finkelstein, Ryan Mallick, Yaffa Lerea

The series has been nominated for a total of 34 Emmys since 2006. Congratulations to the whole team! (The full list of nominees can be seen here.)

You can tune in to the 66th Emmys live on Monday, August 25 at 8 p.m. on NBC to see if Heidi, Tim, and "Project Runway" will emerge victorious. In the meantime, check out a brand new season of "Runway" when it premieres July 24 at 9/8c.

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images


Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn Win Emmy Award!

Posted By kim_messina 11:49am GMT

Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn at the 2013 EmmysAs if we needed confirmation that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn know how to make it work! Yesterday the "Project Runway" hosts took home the 2013 Emmy award for Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program. "OMG, I am in a state of apoplexy! Love to everyone," Tim tweeted after their win. And Heidi echoed his sentiment, tweeting, "We won!!!!!!! yay!!!!!"

Send Heidi and Tim your congrats!

Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images


Exclusive: First Look at Season 12 Casting!

Posted By kim_messina 1:49pm GMT

"Project Runway" Season 12 is underway! Here's a look at Marie Claire's Katie Connor, Tim Gunn (!) and PR alum Seth Aaron Henderson at the casting table in Seattle.

There will be an open casting call in New York City on April 24 from 10:00 to 4:00 at the Hilton New York, Concourse C. For more details, click here.

Which city do you think will have the best designers? Sound off below!


Season 10 Q&A: Nina Garcia and Tim Gunn Dish About the Final Four

Posted By laurareineke 4:27pm GMT

Tim Gunn and Melissa Fleis

"Project Runway" seasons come and go, and with them all kinds of talented, promising designers. Judge Nina Garcia and mentor Tim Gunn have been around for all of them. The pair took the time during the run-up to the Season 10 finale to chat with us about this season's developments and to share their thoughts on the final four designers. Check out the Q&A below, and don't forget to watch the finale episode (full of Fashion Week goodness) tomorrow night at 9.8c.


Tim Gunn's Season 10 Poster Revealed!

Posted By kim_messina 4:37pm GMT

Tim's Season 10 Poster! Now that puts a new meaning to "It's cut or be cut!" Tim Gunn is a gentleman among a sea of scissors in this new poster for "Project Runway" Season 10. "I'm so excited to be shooting @ProjectRunway Season 10!' Tim recently tweeted.

And Tim's not the only one with a sharp new poster. (Get it?!) We'll be revealing Heidi Klum's Season 10 look on Monday, July 2 — so stay tuned!

What do you think of Tim Gunn's scissor poster? What fashion-inspired item would you like to see him pose with next?


First Look at "Project Runway" Season 10!

Posted By kim_messina 1:59pm GMT

Project Runway Season 10 Times Square Fashion Show

Want a sneak peek at the first episode of Season 10?! On Friday, Season 10's Top 16 designers took to Times Square in New York City for their first-ever Season 10 runway show. With judges Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, along with guest judges Lauren Graham and Patricia Field at the helm, the models walked the runway dressed to the nines. (And of course, Tim Gunn was there to help the future fashion stars!)

Click here to see more photos from the "Project Runway" Season 10 Times Square fashion show. To see all the designs and to find out who made it work, make sure to tune in to the "Project Runway" premiere on July 19 at 9/8c.

Seriously — how excited are you for "Project Runway" Season 10?

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images


Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia Host Hollywood's Biggest Fashion Night: The Oscars!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:17pm GMT

Are you ready for Oscar Sunday? Our very own Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia will be your hosts of the Red Carpet for Hollywood’s biggest fashion night, live on ABC’s Oscar Red Carpet pre-show this Sunday, beginning at 4 pm pt/7 pm et. Check out Oscar.com’s complete coverage, including an in depth look at all the fashion and glamour! And don’t forget to fill out your Oscar Ballot at the official Oscar site.


Don't Miss the Season 9 Finale, Thursday at 9/8c, Plus Much More!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:21pm GMT

There's a whole lot of "Runway" coming your way, folks! Here's a quick schedule for you to keep track of everything coming at you at a glance:

Voting for Season 9 Fan Favorite designer ends Wednesday at midnight pt, so get those last supporting tweets in. The winner will be announced during Thursday's finale at 9/8c. The winner receives bragging rights, plus a $10,000 prize.

The moment you've all been waiting for: Fashion Week! The final four present their New York Fashion Week collections at Lincoln Center and designer L'Wren Scott helps Michael, Nina and Heidi crown a new winner.

Tweet along with @projectrunway and @ninagarcia, beginning at 9 et/8c, and use #projectrunway in your tweets to follow the conversation!

THURSDAY AT 10:30/9:30C
The devil is in the details! The series premiere of "Project Accessory," hosted by Molly Sims, premieres Thursday at 10:30/9:30c, immediately after the "Runway" finale. See 12 fashion accessory designers create jewelry, handbags, hats and even cobble some shoes for an impressive panel of judges, including Kenneth Cole, Ariel Foxman and mentor Eva Lorenzotti. Episode 1's guest judge, Debra Messing, is just one of many you won't want to miss.

Tweet along with @projectrunway @lifetimetv and @kennethcole, beginning at 10:30 et/9:30c, and use #projectaccessory in your tweets to follow the conversation!

THURSDAY AT 11:30/10:30C
"After the Runway," hosted by Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi, is back one last time to discuss the results of the season finale, and much more. Plus, you never know who may swing on by!

Tim Gunn hosts the aptly named "Tim Gunn: Behind the Seams of Season 9" where he will reveal some of the show's biggest secrets and give viewers his unedited thoughts. What's not to love?

Catch the second challenge of "Project Accessory" at its regular time, 10/9c.


I Actually Agree With Joshua This Time

Posted By CaitlinB 8:39pm GMT

Home visits. The time when Tim Gunn can play detective and do some spying on our behalf to see how the finalists are doing with their collections. Gone are the days when Season 1 winner Jay McCarroll had a leisurely four months to stroll around his native Pennsylvania and ponder the meaning of life before starting his collection. This crew has a matter of weeks to figure out sketches, fabrics, styling, hair, makeup … well, you get it.

First up, Brooklyn … er, Maryland! (Or maybe she meant Brookland?) Kimberly is hard at work on some looks that I'm not completely sold on, but you can see she knows exactly who her girl is (as usual) and where she's going directionally. I'm distracted by the minty beverages her family is sharing with Tim at the dinner table, but glad to see she seems confident and hungry for Fashion Week.

Tim goes on his first international home visit to Anya's hometown via boat, yet lets me down by not wearing mandals with his suit like he did in Season 6 out in L.A. Speaking of being let down, Anya has either completely dropped the ball or really loves to procrastinate when she shows Tim a whole lot of nothing. No sketches, no garments. Just a bunch of fabric bolts and some muslin. Basically, she showed him Island Mood.

If you've ever seen Tim Gunn concerned or worried, which happens often on "Runway," I don't think we've ever seen him this concerned. At least in a scenario like Seth Aaron in Season 7, Tim was worried by 30-something garments that existed. Tim is worried by figments and hopes and dreams of what will walk down a runway in New York's Lincoln Center. This is DEFCON 1-level "This concerns me" territory.

Back on the mainland, Tim swings by Viktor's workspace to see quite the opposite: a lot of progress. Not only does Viktor have his most of his collection completed, he created his own fabrics from photographs he took with a deeply personal story behind them. And we see the beginnings of what looks like an amazing white leather jacket. (And we know how I feel about Viktor jackets!)

Final stop, is Joshua's home base in Queens. We learn that Josh was not kidding about his track star past in the New Balance challenge when we are blessed by several slow-motion stills of a longer-haired version of himself leaping in the air with wild abandon. Tim is back to his worrying ways when he looks as though he wants to light one of Joshua's fabric choices aflame to protect the masses. As more and more garments in the collection start failing the litmus test, Joshua realizes that he has some big changes to make in a hurry and needs to play to his strengths. Oh, and edit!

As the designers finally arrive to a swank penthouse as they settle in for Fashion Week, Tim announces that the designers must narrow down their collections to three looks that will convince the judges to send three (yes, three) designers through. (We knew there must have been a catch somewhere!)

Viktor, Anya, Joshua and Kimberly are eyeing each other's pieces around the room and one thing is clear: Anya is in trouble. Whatever "trouble" is expressed as a number, times 68, times infinity, TROUBLE. Her details are unfinished and the garments look as though they were a Summer Reading assignment done at 1:30am the night before the first day of school. Meanwhile, Viktor is playfully stroking the luxe pearls sewn onto his this-looks-like-you-need-a-black-AMEX-card-for-that leather jacket. The man is on his game, and on it big time.

Kimberly is trying to sort out which looks she should showcase for her mini-collection for the judges, and Joshua is smartly deciding to hold back his neon moments for a later time. Here goes nothing!

Anya is trying to put on a brave face as her fellow designers are clearly showing her up in the execution department as the clothes come down the runway. Heidi has been pulled into the tractor beam of Viktor's white leather jacket and may have to hope that he really does accept the the titanium black AMEX in her wallet because she doesn't want to give it back. Nina, however, remains laser-focused and questions the leather ode-to-zippers hula skirt on his other model. Michael is once again giving Viktor a hard time for his accessory choices (a pair of sunglasses? Really, MK?), but it's clear that Viktor is going through to the finale.

Joshua has smartly shown his more subdued moments from his collection and demonstrated that he has an eye for tailoring that he wasn't credited for enough during the challenges and is also put through.

Kimberly's big-butt bubble skirt and styling choices has put her into the danger zone, but it's clear that Anya's lack of sewing skills is screaming so loudly next to her, our final three are apparent. Or are they?

Surprise! All four go through!

Yes, yes. I know.

And for once, I actually agree with something Joshua said.


Want to Win "Project Runway"? Just Watch Past Seasons and Take Notes

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:31am GMT

Now in its ninth season, "Project Runway" has certainly set precedents in the show's history, like:

"You're the Daniel Franco." (Guy who goes home the first challenge)
"You're the Chris March!" (Guy who gets to come back)
"You're the Keith Michael?" (Guy who cheats and gets the boot)
"You're the Maya Luz." (Girl who leaves the show because she's done with competing)

With the Season 9 premiere, we've created a whole new precedent for you: the people who go home ... before the first challenge. That's right. We started off this season with 20 designers who soon learned that their place on the show is not as secure as they thought it was and that they still need to audition.

As we get into the final judging, Anya, a former Miss Universe contestant, shows off some pieces that have everyone puzzled. They truly do look too good to be made by someone with four (count 'em, four!) months of sewing experience. Tim Gunn gets curious enough to give them a look up close and personal. She's going to have a lot to prove this season.

I am more mesmerized by Anthony Ryan's mouse scarf than I am by his clothes, but there's something about a color-blind designer that's ridiculously intriguing to me. That's like a dentist who can't see white. I'm sold!

Olivier (whose name I want to pronounce "Olivier," as in Laurence, but is really "Oliver!," like the musical), is apparently so pretty that he can just skip ahead.

Bryce's jacket is very "Beyoncé photo shoot on a rooftop in Paris"-type material, and its fabulosity is duly noticed by Heidi, who must model it. Obviously.

After we say adios to David, Amanda, Gunnar and Serena, I'm surprised by how unemotional these people get after learning they won't even get the chance to take on a challenge. You gave up a wedding! You gave up ... burning roses with a Bic lighter by hand for hours on end! C'mon! But maybe that's the reason why they didn't make it through? Did they truly want it badly enough?

Now we toast to the 16 designers of Season 9, and I suddenly miss the rooftop of the Atlas for the champagne toast.

Eventually settled into bed for the first night, the contestants are unexpectedly awakened at 5 am by none other than Tim Gunn.

I like Tim Gunn. In fact, I love Tim Gunn, but I would not like Tim Gunn at 5 am. Also, bras are a critical part of crossing Fifth Avenue. Becky was right to ask. Do you know how many scantily clad tweens I've yelled at (in my mind) for a similar offense? Fashion designers in bedsheets are no exception.

In the workroom, the designers learn that the first challenge is to create a garment from their PJs, a white bedsheet and a dream. We also learn who has amazing skin.

Anya is already struggling with the machines and the fabric dyeing process, but is committed to proving that she has a place in this competition.

Bert has managed to use his Underoos in the bust area of his model's garment, and no one except me seems to be screaming, "I bet she wished that sucker came with a bathing suit hygienic strip right about now!" But hey, what we don't know won't kill us!

Speaking of models, I initially thought that Josh C. was using the "But the measurements on the card were wrong!" excuse, but let's call a spade a spade. I don't know if it was "tall friend who wants a modeling job" day or what, but by the time he got to the fitting, the measurements were obviously far from what he originally planned for. His real problem? Making it work. That panel down the front of that tank was bad news bears. As Michael Kors suggested, there were other ways to accommodate for size while making that garment way more flattering than it turned out to be.

Rafael, as amusing as he is, not only becomes the "Daniel Franco" of this season ("I barely got to know ya! See ya on Season 10!"), but he also becomes the "Kirsten Ehrig" of Season 9: the one who wouldn't sacrifice for the clothes-off-your-back challenge.

Tim Gunn gave Kirsten a talking-to about choosing not to use her scarf in her design in Season 2, and as things have a great way of repeating themselves, Rafael got the same speech. What you don't see on-camera was the backstory on Rafael's scarf; like Kirsten's, it had a personal sentimental value that made him reluctant to part with it. Was transforming it into a bib-like necklace at the eleventh hour the best use of it? Probably not. But I think the pants (and the vanity of not wanting his 5 am hair to be seen) were what did him in. It's always a matter of taste. And, just like Kirsten, he went home.

So, let's hear it:

Should Rafael have sacrificed the scarf?

P.S. New classic one-liner alert: "Are you speaking foreign?" and "An 'I like myself!' kinda pocket."