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Q&A: Season 12 Winner Dom Streater

Posted By laurareineke 3:01pm GMT

Dom Streater

Fresh off her victory, "Project Runway" Season 12 champ Dom Streater chatted with me about her favorite challenges, her friendships with her fellow designers, and what it's like to be the first African-American winner in the show's history. Check out the full interview after the cut, and don't forget to tune in for the Season 12 Reunion Special on Thursday at 9.8c. (followed by the premiere of a new season of "Project Runway All Stars" at 10.9c).

You had kind of a low profile during a lot of the season; you’d get good feedback in a challenge but you wouldn't win, or you'd be safe and get no feedback at all. Did that affect your outlook going into the finale?
In the beginning of the season I was on top a few times. Then I was safe for a lot of the challenges. And then I was in the bottom because I was nervous about being safe; I didn’t want to be someone that the judges were like, “She’s neither here nor there. She doesn’t really need to be here.” I was definitely nervous at first. But then toward the end of the season, the last couple of challenges before the finale, I was getting really good feedback from the judges so I was not nervous going into it. I was very confident.