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After Party: The Best of Sarah Trost

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:29pm GMT

Find out what last week’s auf’d contestant, Sarah Trost, has to say about getting the boot and about the remaining contestants, in her interview with the Lifetime Moms. Then, keep reading to catch our video picks for Sarah’s best (and funniest) “Project Runway” moments.


Meet "Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Sarah Trost

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:34am GMT

"Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Sarah Trost describes the pieces in her own personal wardrobe as any combination of "hideous," "terrible" and "ugly," but we’d call the use of "workout bunny" fabric in fashion pretty ingenious! Watch Sarah’s casting session to see what you think about her cat dress complete with bow.

Who doesn’t love them a designing cat lady? We sure do! Check out Sarah Trost’s use of fun fabrics — including a curtain her mom found in an alley — in her colorful closet tour, and flip through her portfolio to see her superhero designs.