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Meet "Project Runway" Season 8 Designer A.J. Thouvenot

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:11pm GMT

"Project Runway" Season 8 Designer A.J. Thouvenot is a proponent of equal-opportunity fashion, with a repertoire that includes something for everyone. The St. Louis designer first realized his true potential when people dug the costumes he created for drag queens and other local performers, and is now known for his playful dresses that just beg to be partied in. A.J. could even hold his own in a menswear challenge — the designer creates prints and duds for dudes as well!

Take a tour of A.J. Thouvenot's past collections in the designer's candy- and toy-filled "fashion dungeon." Then take a peek at his portfolio to discover his bubblegum-pop inspirations and see his former fashions on the runway.