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Watch Emilio's Runway Show at Fashion Week

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 10:47am GMT

Relive the boldness that was "Color Me Bad," launching the ESosa brand at Fashion Week for designer Emilio Sosa:


Finale Rewind

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:45am GMT

As you may or may not know, the “Project Runway” show at Fashion Week in February actually involves more than just the finalists, so that the audience (and the Internet at large) doesn’t spoil future episodes in advance. The first time I personally became aware of this was when I was scrolling through New York Magazine’s site and realized I was looking at the collection from Season 2 designer Kara Janx, who got the boot before the finale. (And then I thought I had uncovered some vast fashion conspiracy before it all clicked together.)

Having been in the audience for this year’s show and not knowing who was actually making it forward to the final three, I have to say that these happened to be the top three contestants whose work stood out to me then amongst the record-setting 10 who showed that day. And 10, FYI, is a whole lotta look!

I remember people actually gasping when Seth Aaron’s first piece on Kristina came out, Michael Kors raving about Emilio’s gold metallic dress (FYI: One of my many talents is long-distance lip reading!), and being impressed that Mila roughed up the models’ looks (which, hey, was Michael’s advice — other talent: psychic abilities!). These three finalists, whether you liked their personalities or their aesthetic or not, really brought forward some of their best work and persevered through some serious sleep deprivation and other pressure-cooker situations to get this far.

Who had the strongest Fashion Week collection?

Project Runway Season 7 Finale Collections

Favorite looks?

Clearly, Emilio’s knockout gold stunner.

Lorena’s coat and dresswith a more polished version of his ESosa branding — was impeccable. (And why does her eye makeup always look phenom?)

Seth Aaron’s opening look really set the tone for this entire collection, and I loved the way he always had interesting tights paired with “simple” pieces.

Appreciated Mila’s use of separates, the touches of shine and the fact that I could see women wearing these every day with pieces they already have. They don’t need an “excuse” to dress up.

Enough about the finale; let’s move on to the reunion special. Thoughts:

1. I am disappointed that Janeane didn’t do one last cry, but Ping covered that for us.

2. If I were Valeria, I would be stomping around in a fit of rage, because as much as I love Kristina, she would have, de facto, won. But I love Kristina even more for acknowledging the sadness of that situation.

3. The “allegiance to models” conversation kind of confuses me. Yes, it’s probably easier to keep the same model, because you are familiar with how your clothes fit on her body, but they are GIVEN the OPTION to switch! Build a bridge! (Or a dress!)

4. OH. EM. GEE. Nuns wept somewhere in an Irish village when Jay threw out the insult heard ’round the world to poor Cerri. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

5. Maya’s in-show and post-show responses as to why she left were pretty much one and the same, offering no clarity to anyone, and or to my insatiable need for the truth!

6. Finally, I’ll say it once again: Anthony needs his own show.


Heidi Klum Wears Emilio Sosa to the LA Premiere of "The Back-up Plan"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:13am GMT

Heidi Klum looked fabulous last night at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Back-up Plan" in a modified version of Emilio Sosa's Episode 11 winning dress:

Heidi Klum in an Emilio Sosa Design at the LA Premiere of The Back-up Plan

Watch the judges critique Emilio's original design on his model Lorena in an Extended Judging clip from the show now:


Color Blocking vs. Cuckoo Chanel

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:03am GMT

Ah, the home visits. At least poor Tim wasn’t trucking through mounds of Long Island’s finest snowbanks this season.

Starting off with Seth Aaron’s humble abode, we see a (mostly) black collection of leather badass-ery. One hundred percent Seth Aaron’s aesthetic. However, Tim has another point of view that can best be described via a comic book–esque series of photos:

“What the hell is this?”

“Stuff that’s gonna rock?”

“Stuff that’s gonna make you lose.”


“Redo it.”



And they hugged it out by playing Pictionary and jumping on trampolines.

Is this a setback? Absolutely. He’s down time, money and sanity, but knowing that this man can crank out multiple pieces in record time, I’m not too concerned. Oh, Tim.

Tim’s flying back across the country (remember when he used to drive there?) to New York to visit Emilio, who is totally throwing me off by not wearing a hat. He shows off a few pieces to Tim, who is less than thrilled. Emilio has upped the ante and created himself a proper logo to have E Sosa take over the world, which, as you know, Tim loves so much. I brace for fashion fisticuffs. Can we just move on? I’m scared!

Back across the country again, we visit Mila on the one day it has rained in Los Angeles. Ever.

Mila and Jay are going head-to-head for the final spot at Fashion Week, so these are the looks I’m most interested in seeing.

While we lovingly give her flak for always creating looks that are black and white, it’s what she’s good at. And, appropriately enough, the colors of her pet dog. Genius!

Also in California, Jay is creating some interesting looks (“It’s Cuckoo Chanel, girl!”) that, of course, also have Tim worried.

This is the first time in a long time I have seen Tim give such worrisome speeches at these home visits. All of them. Not one “Great! Don’t doubt yourself!” Now I really don’t know what to expect.

Rendezvousing back in New York, Mila and Jay have their game faces on … and a three-look collection to show. Emilio assists Mila (whose additional models — Holly Kiser and Shannon Pallay — are both from Season 1 of “Make Me a Supermodel”!), and Seth Aaron helps Jay on the finishing touches before showtime.

Did the right person make it through to Fashion Week?

So, did the right person make it through? Are Emilio and Seth Aaron going to want to overhaul their entire collections based on Tim’s critiques? We’ll find out next week!


$300 of Polyester and Michael Jackson (RIP) Jackets?

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:06am GMT

This is one of those sneaky episodes in the course of “Project Runway” seasons — the episode where, after cruising at a comfortable pace, you suddenly realize, “Dag! We’re going to Fashion Week!”

With a show in its seventh season, it’s hard to find a good challenge that hasn’t already been done (even "American Idol" revisited the Lennon/McCartney songbook this week), so it was a nice surprise when Tim took us to the circus.

First, can we stop to pause and have a slow-motion “Moulin Rouge” montage of Jay with the shirtless, buff circus men?

Now that that is out of my system, let’s move on straight to the workroom.

The pressure is on. Two designers are going home, and this is make-or-break time. Emilio and Tim are at it again, but since the guy comes from a theater background and is second to only Season 2 contestant and All-Star Challenge winner Daniel Vosovic in “Runway” challenge coups, I don’t think he needs to worry.

Jay is apparently mourning the loss of Michael Jackson and the “This Is It” Tour that never was, by designing a tribute jacket. (Or, speaking of concerts, he must have really liked Britney Spears’ last year!) Regardless of the motivation behind it, he got to create those pants he loved so much — again.

Mila is sick of hearing of how awesome Emilio is and also has psychic abilities not previously disclosed to the audience. Guest judge Cynthia Rowley happened to be wearing the exact same shade of pink in her garment. Coincidence? I think not.

I knew Seth Aaron was going to have a field day with this challenge, but Michael Kors took it to Awkwardville on the runway when he suggested Kristina’s pants would fit better on a man (or on Lady Gaga, if you subscribed to the rumors of 2009). Tim Gunn describes Seth Aaron’s look as “Tim Burton-esque” in his blog post this week. I think he and I share a thought bubble, because mine has Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice dancing around in it.

And then there’s Anthony. One, I love the color. I don’t care if it’s made of a gigbillion yards of flammable polyester. I also love that both Heidi and Michael were in such shock and awe over the fabric choice that they actually got up out of their seats to touch the dress and cringe. Two, one of these things is not like the other. It’s like all the other designers were on one wavelength and Anthony was off on another. Everyone had deep color palettes with bold stripes and polka dots and jazz hands, and he was just at a totally different circus, filled with Smurfs and badass Maleficent collars.

After everyone throws someone under the bus because two must go, the judges make their decision and decide the designers’ fate.

The world (except Chris March) is falling all over Emilio’s dress, and he is sent off to the safety of “You’re off to Fashion Week” green-room-dom. Seth Aaron follows suit to keep the bromance alive. Anthony is sent packing, but hey, after landing a dress on Heidi Klum on the cover of a major magazine and returning from cast-off purgatory to have Jessica Alba wear your dress to a red-carpet event, there’s no crying here.

In a moment of German bait-and-switchery (or is it red herring or ... forget it), Heidi fools us all, and leaves Mila and Jay to duke it out for another week before we know our final three.

So, have at it. Who’s going to be the third designer showing at Fashion Week?

Jay v. Mila: Who's Moving Forward?


Meet "Project Runway" Season 7 Designer Emilio Sosa

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:07pm GMT

"Project Runway" Season 7 contestant Emilio Sosa has been a costume designer for over 20 years, crafting pieces for theatrical productions for everything from Broadway shows ("Topdog/Underdog") to A-list diva concert events (a recent Celine Dion world tour).

Emilio Sosa

Click through Emilio Sosa's portfolio to see sketches of his work, and watch his casting session video for the garments that got this design veteran a spot on the show. And seriously don't miss Emilio's closet tour video, because where else can you see someone rock an original Members Only jacket, a Kangol hat and bust out some fly '80s dance moves in 2009? Exactly.