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Bid on Wedding Dresses by "Project Runway" Designers for Charity

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:04pm GMT

Now is your chance to bid on gowns by several of "Project Runway's" favorite designers. Dresses by Johnathan Kayne, Emilio Sosa, Irina Shabayeva and Nick Verreos are up for grabs. The sale of these beautiful gowns, created as fantasy looks for Kate Middleton at her royal wedding, will benefit a wonderful organization, Break the Cycle.

- Bid on designer Johnathan Kayne's custom dress for Kate Middleton
- Bid on designer Emilio Sosa's custom dress for Kate Middleton
- Bid on designer Irina Shabayeva custom dress for Kate Middleton
- Bid on designer Nick Verreos' custom dress for Kate Middleton

About the charity: At Break the Cycle, we believe everybody has the right to safe and healthy relationships— regardless of where they live, who they are or what they believe. That is why we work everyday towards our mission to engage, educate and empower youth to build lives and communities free from domestic violence.


Watch "Today Show" Video: "Runway" Designers Envision Britain’s Princess Bride

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:59am GMT

Watch the “Project Runway” wedding gowns for Kate Middleton segment from "The Today Show," featuring royal wedding dresses by “Runway” designers Emilio Sosa (Season 7), Johnathan Kayne (Season 3), Leanne Marshall (Season 5), Irina Shabayeva (Season 6) and Nick Verreos (Season 2):

Learn more about how one these one-of-a-kind wedding gowns can be yours! Proceeds from the sale of the "Project Runway" wedding gowns will go to one of Lifetime’s favorite charities.

To see the collection of designs from more than 50 alumni of "Project Runway" from all eight seasons, visit www.myLifetime.com/runwaywilliamandkate.


See "Runway" Designers' Royal Wedding Gowns on "The Today Show," Monday, April 18!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:00pm GMT

You’ve seen their fantasy sketches, now see the “Project Runway” wedding gowns for Kate Middleton come to life!
Project Runway Kate Middleton Wedding Dresses on The Today Show

Tune in Monday, April 18 to “The Today Show” in the 9:30 am hour to see royal wedding dresses by “Runway” designers Emilio Sosa (Season 7), Johnathan Kayne (Season 3), Leanne Marshall (Season 5), Irina Shabayeva (Season 6) and Nick Verreos (Season 2).

Plus, check back here on the blog on Monday to sign up for exclusive private sale information, and to learn more about how one these one-of-a-kind wedding gowns can be yours. Proceeds from the sale will go to one of Lifetime’s favorite charities.

To see the collection of designs from more than 50 alumni of "Project Runway" from all eight seasons, visit www.myLifetime.com/runwaywilliamandkate.


"Project Runway" Designers' Wedding Dresses

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:44pm GMT

Whether you’ve been a bride, are a bride-to-be or have sworn to be a bachelorette for life, you're sure to have an opinion on bridal gowns. From the funky to the traditional, we've gathered some unique wedding dress designs from "Project Runway" alumni Austin Scarlett, Chloe Dao, Nick Verreos, Leanne Marshall, Carol Hannah Whitfield and Irina Shabayeva, plus the best bridal designers in the business.

Chloe Dao wedding dress Nick Verreos wedding dress Leanne Marshall wedding dress TITLE= Carol Hannah Whitfield wedding dress Austin Scarlett wedding dress Irina Shabayeva wedding dress Project Runway designers wedding dress photos

Check out our wedding dress photo gallery, featuring even more gowns from "Project Runway's" finest!

Which "Project Runway" alumni wedding dress is your favorite?


Meet Season 3's Laura Bennett, Plus Read an Excerpt From Her New Book!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:46pm GMT

"Project Runway" Season 3 finalist Laura Bennett will be making a book signing appearance at Borders Columbus Circle in New York City on April 7 at 7 pm for her new book "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday? A Mother's Guide To Sanity In Stilettos," available online and in stores April 6.

Read an excerpt from her forthcoming book now to find out what "Project Runway" is like ... from the designer's point of view!

Chapter 10: Laura's Got a Gunn

"Being on 'Project Runway' was a lot like childbirth; when you are in the middle of it, it's painful, but when it's all over, you're glad you did it."

About six years ago, between kids number four and five, I stumbled upon a new obsession: reality television. And not just any reality television. On "Project Runway," a mixed assortment of completely crazy fashion designers are given little time and less money to craft a runway-worthy garment good enough to get them past the even crazier judges and on to the next week's challenge. It had me at auf Wiedersehen. I loved the characters, the obstacles, and the creativity — and no one had to eat live worms.

I am no stranger to the impossible. Work two jobs, go to grad school and single-handedly rear my daughter in a city where I know not one soul? Sure, no problem. Find a second husband and give him five boys in 10 years, rearing them all in a two-bedroom apartment in the middle of Manhattan while continuing my career as an architect? Don't make me shrug. Create a killer dress from a paperclip and a piece of lint? Freaking cakewalk.

I tried to share my love by telling everyone to watch the show with me, but reality television, with its lowbrow reputation, was too hard a sell in my house — not to mention the part about people sewing dresses. I did manage to convince my nine-year-old, Truman, to sit by my side as I yelled at the screen — disagreeing with the comments of the judges, or questioning the design decision of a contestant — and that was because the show aired past his bedtime. One late night as I was watching an episode I had already seen at least 14 times, Truman looked up at me from where he lay.

"That dress should not have been cut on the bias," he muttered. "Mom, you can do better than that."

You're right, I thought. That fabric is not bias friendly. I could do better with my eyes closed. I hadn't been to fashion school, but I had learned to sew when I was tiny, and my architecture training had honed my sense of design to a razor-sharp edge. I'd been making fantastic, elegant black-tie event dresses for years; I knew how to drape and make patterns without ever really thinking about it. As I sat on the couch, Truman gently snoring during the runway segment, it occurred to me that I could audition for the next season. What was there to lose? At least if I got cast all my friends and family would have to watch the show with me, even if I didn't make it very far.

I found the New York City open call on the Bravo site — it was to be held in three days. I couldn't believe my luck. The interviews would be at Macy's, only three blocks away, so I wouldn't have to travel or make any crazy arrangements for the kids. It really was a no-brainer.

I wasn't sure what they would be looking for, so I decided to bring what I do best, grabbing three sparkling cocktail dresses from the clothing rack in my bedroom. I was flying blind, trying to remember what contestants had shown up with in the past and gleaning what I could from the Internet. I figured my chances were about as slim as an African American ever becoming president, but then again, why not me? I can out-gay the gayest young male designer out there, I told myself. The night before the auditions, I ignored the March forecast of "continued cold snap" and selected a shimmery sleeveless cocktail dress rife with hand beading and a neckline that plunges to the navel. When I pulled it on the next morning, I hoped I would stand out from the crowd.


Seasons 1 & 2 Designer Daniel Franco Is Following His Bliss ... to "American Idol"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:22pm GMT

If you're new to "Project Runway," you'll think that this is just another guy with a pseudo-Adam Lambert haircut, but if you've been watching since the beginning, you'll have a special place in your heart for Season 1 and 2 veteran Daniel Franco. He looms large in the legend of "Runway," having the distinct honor of being the first "Auf'd" contestant in the history of the show, as well as the only contestant to appear in two seasons!

Seemingly he "followed his bliss" all the way to the Los Angeles auditions, where Simon, Randy, Kara and guest judge Avril Lavigne have apparently never hummed "Daniel Franco, Where Did You Go?" to themselves. (He's the one claiming to be the offspring of Lambert and UK sensation Susan Boyle.)

Thanks to our pals Tom & Lorenzo for alerting us of this confusing, amusing news. Now, where is the footage of him singing?!


Ping's Peek-a-Booty Bag Dress

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:16am GMT

This may be one of my favorite "Runway" challenges in a long time. It may be because I'm über-Irish and have an inherent love of all thing potatoes, but it also could be because this really puts the designers' talents to the test: make ugly look expensive and pretty.

As we've seen in seasons of "Project Runway" past, impressing the judges in the "unconventional fabric challenge" is broken down into three key things:

1. If it's produce or a foodstuff with the risk of expiring on the runway, did it die halfway down the catwalk or did you shellac it within an inch of its life?

2. Does it look like it could pass as a legit fabric with its sister's fake ID?

3. Can your model act as if it's the most comfortable, amazing garment she's ever worn and is not secretly slowly breaking out into hives before the judges' eyes?

If you can pull the above off under the hot runway lights, you better hang on to that model for the next challenge and never let her go.

And speaking of the ghosts of "Runway" past, didn't Ping Wu's peek-a-booty dress for Elizaveta look exactly like a hybrid of the top of Andrae Gonzalo's garden party "doormat" dress and the (bare) bottom of Zulema "Shatangi" Griffin's revealing sweater dress? You know it does!

What did you think of last night's challenge? Read Tim Gunn’s blog for Episode 2 where he yells at Jesus (the designer, not the Biblical figure) to wake up and disagrees with the judges’ choice for best dress on the runway.


"Project Runway" FIDM Grads

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:10pm GMT

Some of the most memorable contestants over the past six seasons of "Project Runway" (Johnny Sakalis and Nick Verreos, anyone?) have been FIDM graduates — where Season 6 was filmed in Los Angeles, CA. Check out our gallery of these FIDM grad designers now:


Video Exclusive: Nick and Andrae Talk Season 6 First Impressions

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:06pm GMT

Season 2 "Runway" veterans (Uncle) Nick Verreos and (What Happened To) Andrae Gonzalo stopped by the Lifetime offices for a private screening of the Season 6 premiere last week. Having gone through the same experiences as these new contestants, who else would have a better point of view for judging those they've never even met!

As only Nick and Andrae can, here's a fun clip of their first impressions of this season's designers, and their predictions on what's to come for these 16 "Runway" newbies:

Tune in tonight at 10 pm et/pt for an all new episode of "Project Runway" to see who will make it one sew closer to Fashion Week!


Daniel Vosovic Named Winner of "Project Runway: All Star Challenge"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:02pm GMT

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 21, 2009) – After battling it out in the workroom and on the catwalk, 28-year-old designer Daniel Vosovic is named the winner of Lifetime Television's two-hour special, "Project Runway: All Star Challenge." The challenge brought fan favorites Chris March, Jeffrey Sebelia, Korto Momolu, Mychael Knight, Santino Rice, Sweet P Vaughn, Uli Herzner and Vosovic needle to needle as they showed off their design skills to create a "four collection look" under the watchful eye of mentor Tim Gunn. Their creations were judged by supermodel and host Heidi Klum, top fashion designer Michael Kors, fashion director for Marie Claire Magazine Nina Garcia and guest judge/designer Diane Von Furstenberg.

Vosovic walks away with a $100,000 cash prize furnished by L’Oreal Paris and Garnier Fructis and the ultimate bragging rights as the "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge" winner. Vosovic, Season 2 runner-up, will unveil his first collection during New York Fashion Week in February 2010 and recently published the book "Fashion Inside Out" which provides a thoughtful overview of the fashion design process from start to finish.

Watch "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge" now.

• Check out "Project Runway: All-Star Challenge" photos now to see the winning and losing designs, and behind-the-scenes workroom pictures.

• Buy Daniel's book "Fashion Inside Out" online.