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Ep. 5: Nicolas Throws Johnny Under the Bus!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:27pm GMT

This may have been the most explosive "Runway" episode of all time! There was a bus with Johnny's name on it headed down the runway, and Nicolas was making sure that he was getting thrown under it! ...And good!

Johnny's Two Dresses From Episode 5 of Project Runway

Johnny's "iron-gone-rogue" story may have worked on his model Emarie, but those who were in the workroom know what really went down, and Nicolas was not going to let this phantom "Dior creation that could have been" send him home.

Ep. 6: Who Should Have Been Sent Home?

Was Nicolas right to speak up, or should he have let the judges decide Johnny's fate? Watch Nicolas' designer video blog to see what he really thought about this challenge and what went down on the runway:


Meet the Project Runway Designers: Epperson

Posted By CaitlinB 12:01am GMT

EppersonLeading up to the big premiere on August 20, we’ll be highlighting different designers here on The Project Runway Blog. Up first: Epperson.

Designer to the stars and father of four, you’ll never meet a nicer guy. Rodney, who likes to go by his last name, Epperson, is a self-taught designer who grew up in Harlem. Epperson started designing in high school, focusing on creating deconstructed looks. He later enrolled at FIT, and, although he never completed his formal training, he went on to become a window dresser for Charivari in the ‘80s and ‘90s and currently does visual design for retailer H&M. Based out of New York City, Epperson’s had his duds worn by famous folk like JFK, Jr., Erykah Badu and Ciara (check out the pants she’s rocking on the cover of her album “Ciara: The Evolution”) in Epperson's portfolio.

Meet his close-knit family, peek inside his fab closet and get some tried-and-true fashion tips, like don’t wear different bright colored undies in white pants. (Your polka dots will show right through!)

Also, don’t miss his audition tape, where he reveals his big break in fashion: a rogue fashion show in front of Donna Karan’s tents at Bryant Park!


Time to "Make It Work"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:08pm GMT

Project Runway designers

Finally! “Project Runway” is back. Starting August 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime, 16 new designers are ready to compete for a chance to show their design skills at Fashion Week.

And to get everyone ready for the show’s premiere, we’re unveiling the new crop of “Project Runway designers” and introducing them to you with more access than ever before. Get a personal tour of their homes, watch their audition tapes, snag a fashion tip or two, see their casting sessions and look inside their closets. We’re rolling out 80 video clips — five per designer — so you can start to judge who you think will make the cut right away.

We also have more than 40 galleries in our “Project Runway” photos section that show each designer’s journey from kid fashionista to the “Runway.” And, most importantly (and most awesomely), check out the designers’ portfolios for their sketches and designs and to find out what makes them tick ... their inspirations from music to choice fabrics to the style icons they love.

In case you happen to forget when the big premiere date is happening (for shame!), we’ve got you covered. Our “Project Runway” Season 6 countdown clock is here for you to grab and proudly display on your blogs or favorite social networking sites like Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, give us a shout on the official “Project Runway” Facebook page and stay in the know with tweets from Twitter, so you’ll never miss the latest updates.

And once Season 6 begins, we promise you’ll experience “Project Runway” like never before online. Here’s a little peek at what’s coming: Detailed critiques from Tim Gunn on every design … every episode. Designer sketches for every design … every episode. Extended judges’ feedback on every design … every episode. And that’s just the beginning. With new fashion games, a souped-up version of Rate the Runway, a sweepstakes for the chance to win $25,000 and meet Tim Gunn, a community that will let you talk about the show and comment in all kinds of ways about the designs, a designer scorecard and more. You won’t be disappointed!

So welcome to The “Project Runway” Blog, only on myLifetime.com! Is it August 20, yet?