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Check Out Anya Ayoung-Chee's Exclusive Silk Scarf for Able Made

Posted By laurareineke 5:59pm GMT

"Project Runway" Season 9 champion Anya Ayoung-Chee has teamed up with cause-supporting retailer Able Made on an exclusive silk scarf design now available for purchase. An illustration by Singaporean artist Anwar Rafiee was the inspiration for the scarf, which combines the figures of Masai warriors with a poem celebrating the strength and beauty of the Masai people. "As soon as I saw the Masai warrior," Anya said, "I knew I wanted to use it for one of my designs, because she exudes an energy and vibe that I love to show through my clothes."

Purchasing the 100%-silk scarf helps to support the TallMan Foundation, which aims to provide access to the arts for those in under-served communities, especially young men who might otherwise have difficulty discovering their creative potential.

The scarf can be styled in multiple ways and would make a great addition to any spring wardrobe. You can pre-order yours at Able Made. The full text of the poem is below:

A Tale of a Warrior Masai
Journeyed from the land of Singapore
Joined arms with Trinidadian Pioneer
Bearing badges of Strength and Regal Beauty
Would now set foot upon paths untraveled
To defend a cause of honor and pride

Crafted by the hands of Anwar
Brought to Life by Anya
The beauty of this creation
Brings forth a Tall offering
For the innovation of Man.


Tune-In Alert: "Project Runway" Season 9 Marathon!

Posted By kim_messina 2:13pm GMT

Tune-In Alert:

Can you believe it?! The tenth season of "Project Runway" starts tomorrow! And I can't think of a better way to start the celebration early than catching up with Season 9. Tomorrow, starting at 10 am/9c, Lifetime will be airing 10 back-to-back episodes of Season 9. The episodes include: Episode 5 "Off the Track," Episode 8 "What Women Want" and, of course the finale, where Anya Ayoung Chee was crowned the winner.

Then starting at 8/7c, learn more about Season 10's latest batch of designers on the "Road to Runway" special. Hosted by "Marie Claire's" Zanna Roberts Rassi, gives audiences a sneak peak at the larger than life personalities they will see this year on Season 10. And psst! The special includes appearances by Nick Verreos, Mondo Guerra and Anya Ayoung-Chee.

And finally (as if I even have to remind you!), it's then time to cut or be cut! "Project Runway" Season 10 starts directly after at 9/8c!


Watch Season 9 on myLifetime.com!

Posted By kim_messina 10:33am GMT

Project Runway Season 9

While you're patiently waiting for "Project Runway" Season 10 to start, get your "PR" fill by watching all of Season 9 on myLifetime.com. All 14 episodes will be available on the site until the Season 10 premiere on July 19.

Click here to watch full episodes of "Project Runway" Season 9.

And make sure to follow "Project Runway" on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest "PR" updates.

What was your favorite moment from "Project Runway" Season 9?


Anya Ayoung-Chee Confirms Her Engagement!

Posted By LisaRaphael 11:04am GMT

It's a "Project Runway" wedding!! In an exclusive statement to us here at the PR Blog, Season 9 winner Anya Ayoung-Chee emailed to confirm the good news. "I am engaged to my longtime boyfriend, photographer, Wyatt Gallery :)" Anya writes. "Many thanks for your wishes!"

The designer sent us the below photo set, announcing the happy couple with a peek at the beautiful view of Galisteo, New Mexico, where the engagement took place.

Anya Ayoung-Chee Engagement

Many congratulations to Anya and Wyatt! Any guesses what her dress will look like?!


Don't Miss the Season 9 Finale, Thursday at 9/8c, Plus Much More!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:21pm GMT

There's a whole lot of "Runway" coming your way, folks! Here's a quick schedule for you to keep track of everything coming at you at a glance:

Voting for Season 9 Fan Favorite designer ends Wednesday at midnight pt, so get those last supporting tweets in. The winner will be announced during Thursday's finale at 9/8c. The winner receives bragging rights, plus a $10,000 prize.

The moment you've all been waiting for: Fashion Week! The final four present their New York Fashion Week collections at Lincoln Center and designer L'Wren Scott helps Michael, Nina and Heidi crown a new winner.

Tweet along with @projectrunway and @ninagarcia, beginning at 9 et/8c, and use #projectrunway in your tweets to follow the conversation!

THURSDAY AT 10:30/9:30C
The devil is in the details! The series premiere of "Project Accessory," hosted by Molly Sims, premieres Thursday at 10:30/9:30c, immediately after the "Runway" finale. See 12 fashion accessory designers create jewelry, handbags, hats and even cobble some shoes for an impressive panel of judges, including Kenneth Cole, Ariel Foxman and mentor Eva Lorenzotti. Episode 1's guest judge, Debra Messing, is just one of many you won't want to miss.

Tweet along with @projectrunway @lifetimetv and @kennethcole, beginning at 10:30 et/9:30c, and use #projectaccessory in your tweets to follow the conversation!

THURSDAY AT 11:30/10:30C
"After the Runway," hosted by Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi, is back one last time to discuss the results of the season finale, and much more. Plus, you never know who may swing on by!

Tim Gunn hosts the aptly named "Tim Gunn: Behind the Seams of Season 9" where he will reveal some of the show's biggest secrets and give viewers his unedited thoughts. What's not to love?

Catch the second challenge of "Project Accessory" at its regular time, 10/9c.


Piperlime Goes Behind the Scenes for Episode 12

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:24pm GMT

Did you love Episode 12? Piperlime has behind-the-scenes exclusive video with the designers who made it through to Fashion Week. Check it out here: http://www.piperlimeblog.com


Piperlime Goes Behind the Scenes for Episode 11

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:01am GMT

Piperlime has a behind-the-scenes video with last night's challenge winner. Watch it now, and learn more about the Accessories Wall: http://www.piperlimeblog.com


The Twistiest Challenge Yet

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:01am GMT

Team Nuts and Bolts do not get along in the HP fabric challengeI was about to write an entire entry on how this challenge was one of those "Here is your inspiration! Now go out and be inspired by it!" scenarios until I realized that this whole series is truly about how one can best find inspiration in sometimes uninspiring situations and conquer it.

Are we as humans usually inspired by dirty gutter water? Discarded newspapers? The U.S. Postal Service? Probably not. But they've managed to help create some fantastic sources of inspired fashion throughout this show's history. I feel like breaking out my inner Wes Bentley in "American Beauty" and declare that there is beauty in ugly things as we all watch plastic grocery store bags dance in the suburban wind, but as far as inspirations go, exotic birds are not so bad. (But apparently owls are. Sorry, guy!) Especially with a $20,000 {cough – $12,000 after taxes} cash incentive!

Once the designers are paired in teams and ready to tackle their respective ravens, Amazon parrots and cockatoo, Tim throws in a twist: The team members are actually working AGAINST each other, not WITH each other.

As Joshua licks his way through fabric at Mood (did anyone ELSE notice that?), the designers run through the aisles repeating the inner monologue, "Do not be literal. Do not be literal ..." while stuffing faux feathers into a shopping bag. Here we go ...

Viktor is creating a look that half reminds me of his own Avant-garde Challenge look and half of Laura Kathleen's color palette (but muted) for the same challenge. I am impressed by his ability to manipulate the organza into a feather-like texture, whereas Laura glued an entire bird's worth of feathers onto the collar of her suited raven look.

Anya, also Team (That's So) Raven, has a beautiful piece of fabric over her dress form that looks like a promising new direction for her this week. Viktor agrees with me by describing it as "hellosexy.com," which, by the way, you should not visit in an office setting. Trust me. He is, however, not intimidated by his Team Cockatoo counterpart, and thinks he has this challenge in the bag.

Joshua McKinley bird challenge orange dressTim appears in the workroom, but clearly it's too early for his workroom visit, so something must be up. Twist #2: You need to create a second look! And your model needs to do a quick change into it! And you still have two days!

As if the designers didn't have enough trouble becoming inspired by a bird the first time, the second time is proving to be even more difficult. Bert, who must have had a weird run-in with a parakeet in his youth, is particularly bothered by this prospect ... until he sees Joshua's first look: the scariest green mess I have ever seen. In my life. Thankfully, Joshua recognizes it too, and switches his focus to Look 2. With a new direction, he asks Anya if he can borrow some additional fabric to completely redo Look 1.

I guess there's two sides to this point of the episode: the first being, yes, as Anya explains it, this is too late in the competition to be pulling favors, and the second, conversely, being that THE PERSON SAYING THAT BORROWED FABRIC LAST WEEK.

Anya may have an abundance of fabric on her side, but she's struggling with construction. She has no idea how to get her model into her second look, and her first look has, as Tim pointed out, two vastly different-sized armholes. Laura, who has now clipped on some great bangs, is betting on her years of training to help come out on top over Anya's sewing snafus.

Kimberly, who after sewing through her finger (Twist #3) and struggling throughout most of the episode, has a much-needed "Come to Jesus" chat with Tim, who revives her spirit and, with a hug, sets her on a new promising path ... until she burns a hole through Look 1 (Twist #4) and has to completely scrap it and create an entirely new dress in three hours (Twist #5). Someone get this girl a beverage!

Tim is back on runway day to brief everyone with a "special announcement": Only one of the two looks will walk the runway (Twist #6). Laura is rejoicing. Anya, Bert and Joshua are struggling with which look to send down.

Anya Ayoung Chee's raven dress reminicent of Viktor's Nina Garcia challenge dress I am screaming "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHOOSE ORANGE" as if Joshua can actually hear me, but I'm more intrigued by the fact that Anya has her model stuck inside of the fashion version of a Chinese Finger Trap.

As the designs finally come down the runway, I'm so distracted by recalling Laura Kathleen's avant-garde look again that I dismiss anything Viktor's look has going for it. Kimberly's three-hour gown has something appealing about it, but the slit is too high (reminding me of Olivier's avant-garde look) and I'm still on the fence about seeing under-cleavage reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's 2002 VMA outfit. But it's still got something really appealing about it.

Also in the "something appealing about it" (stress on the something) category was Bert's. He was right about the length being shy an inch or two, and I wasn't crazy about the makeup or the belt detail, but I didn't hate it. Joshua just happened to come up with a great look that couldn't be topped. He truly does best in this competition when he has the time to edit.

Speaking of "can't be topped," for this raven showdown and what seems to be the entire season, there's Anya's look. Although, and Laura Bennett is in sync with me on this point, that dress is a modified version of Viktor's Nina Garcia Challenge look. The end. I'm surprised he (and Nina) never commented on it. The shoulder treatment on Anya's also leaves something to be desired. They almost looked like they were made out of felt and pinned on there. But overall the look was so strong, and not so literal, that it gave her the win. Again. (That gives her three.)

Backstage, Joshua reminds us again that Anya's model needed to be cut out of the dress at the end of the runway day. Now, I know the designers use tricks to save on time, like not lining a garment ('cause who cares?), but whether cutting a model out of a garment she was sewn into is really a sign of a lack of construction know-how about where to put a closure or a zipper, or is just because these aren't clothes being worn by actual consumers, I'm not quite sure.

As for Bert leaving us now, it's kind of sad, 'cause I was just starting to like him again (Twist #7). Either way, drinks on Anya!


"After the Runway" Premieres This Week, Hosted by Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:31pm GMT

Go Behind-the-Scenes and Find Out How The Designers
Really 'Make It Work'…


Companion Series Set to Premiere this Thursday, October 6, and Air
for Remainder of Emmy®-Nominated Program's Ninth Season

LOS ANGELES, (October 3, 2011) – To satisfy fan demand for more "Runway," Lifetime has ordered four half-hour episodes of "After the Runway," an all-new companion series to the network's Emmy® Award-nominated unscripted program "Project Runway." Giving viewers additional commentary and insight into the hit show from its designers themselves, "After the Runway" will premiere this Thursday, October 6, 2011, at 10:30/9:30c, immediately following "Project Runway," and air for the remainder of its ninth season.

"After the Runway," hosted by Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi, will have the exclusive first interview with each week's eliminated designer and provide viewers a unique opportunity to go beyond the runway and hear first-hand what really goes on behind-the-scenes of "Project Runway." The show will feature in-depth, roundtable debates, and passionate discussions with "Runway's" standout designers as they answer pressing questions about what happened both on and off the runway during that evening's episode.


Keep Your Money Close and Your Fashion Books Closer

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 11:01am GMT

Bert Keeter's '70s inspired skimp dress As I was born in the early 1980s, my sensibility for what makes or breaks a great 1970s outfit is not the best, but I can tell you when a heinous garment walks down a runway, so I can still write this post with some qualifications. When this challenge was first issued to the designers, I wanted to throw down the yellow flag. Did you not see last week's episode, people?! This is not the reference or decade ... again! But, given this was back to designing for women, I figured we could all give them the benefit of the doubt. For now.

The words "SOPHISTICATED" and "MODERN" were reassuring to me, and I was instilled with hope that Pocahontas would be gone. For now.

CUE THE DISCO MUZAK, and we're off to Mood!

In a true "Project Runway" first, Anya not only loses her entire shopping budget, she's also forced to either beg her fellow designers for the nickels and dimes left in their pockets or create a look with the wonders of muslin. I don't know what's worse, really.

However, this is an interesting time if you're into personalities and what really makes a person tick on this show. This is the time when we see whose mantra is "But this is a competition!" versus "We don't want you to go out like this" when someone's down on their luck.

Little did you know, but Anthony Ryan actually left behind buttons and other notions with Anya in mind before he hit the register so that she would have some money to buy something with his balance. Let's hear it for Southern gentlemen! Some (I'm passive-aggressively referring to you, Viktor!) were not so thoughtful.

Bert was like a whole new man in this episode. The guy we met at the beginning of the season wouldn't even hang out with the Studio 54, velvet-rope guy from Episode 10. He was also a wealth of information for his fellow designers to use both for the history of the time period and for unbelievable disco stories from back in the day. (Did anyone else catch that "balcony third row" comment? Bert! You saucy minx!)

Speaking of which, the other interesting part of this challenge is what I like to call the History Channel Showdown. Bert, without question, knows the aesthetic of the '70s. Carry on. Laura asserts herself as being very familiar with the time period because she's "wearing vintage clothing right now" (clearly), and claims that Kimberly is off the mark on the reference and is designing "JC Penney's" pants. (Incidentally, JC Penney's was established in 1902, so it's totally possible.) Meanwhile, Josh claims that since he was born in the '80s, he couldn't possibly be familiar with the decade, which offends, curiously, Viktor.

Viktor, if you recall, was the one who got schooled on references by (then mean) Bert during the stilt walker challenge. Yes, the same man who was confusing Elizabethan with Victorian and and nearly caused Bert's head to explode in a fit of fashion history rage. Did he do some Wiki cram-studying since Episode 3? Check that browser history!

Although it didn't make it into the episode in full (that's what we're here for!), Joshua actually goes on to nearly break down on the specific reasons as to why he was robbed of the experience of knowing fashion references. (Watch this exclusive video blog to see the whole slightly awkward scene unfold. Yow.)

Laura Kathleen's '70s inspired dressHistory duels aside, when it came to the second look, you can see who it served well (Laura Kathleen, Bert, Anya) and who it did a disservice to (Anthony Ryan, Joshua). Laura Kathleen's first look had such clashing patterns on the top and bottom, they almost looked like a marriage of two completely different looks sewn together and hidden with a belt. Her second look may not have photographed well, as Nina pointed out, but was much more refined.

Bert's second look (the skimp) grew on me throughout the judging. It really has an effortless ease and simplicity that a lot of women would love. Although his first look was kind of bananas, it was fun and seriously inspired by the time. Perhaps a bit too vintage-looking, but it had a certain joy in it that was missing from the previous week overall. Anya's wheelhouse certainly seems to be creating resort wear with a relaxed vibe. Both winning looks could be in the same woman's suitcase.

If we've learned anything in this episode, it's never to stuff your money envelope in your bra. I don't care how much underwire you're rocking, your money for your reality-competition TV show will fall out. We also learned that you can make fashion with $11 and that even though the nice guy went home, he's still a class act.