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Blogging Project Runway Poll: Episode 3

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:41pm GMT

Blogging Project Runway will be presenting fan polls each week on this blog. Come back to see the final results and for new polls. Thanks for voting!

Blogging Project Runway Poll

Which team had the best "Look for Less?"

Blogging Project Runway Poll

Tim Gunn Stars in "Clue: The 'Project Runway' Edition"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 6:24am GMT

Remember that scene in "Clue" where Tim Curry ties up the loose plot ends* of the movie, running around the mansion explaining all the stuff you just didn’t understand without keeping a running journal of events the entire time? This was that episode. There’s just no accompanying board game. (But there will be one on Nintendo Wii soon!)

First, Tim (Gunn now) assigns the team leaders and their partners. I always like a team challenge. It demonstrates a mastery of sewing and who will most likely make it all the way to Fashion Week. Why? Because your teammate will either be embarrassed that you can sew kick pleats around them and their giant lie of only learning how to sew last year when that B.A. in English didn’t work out so well … or vice versa.

Take, for example, the pairing of Emilio and Anna. Anna fully admits that she could learn a thing or two from her more experienced teammate, and they manage to work harmoniously together. Conversely, Jesse is ready to throw himself out a window when Ping’s free-as-a-bird design technique is too much to handle.

With $500 in their pockets (a record amount for a "Project Runway" challenge), together they plan their pacing, workload and overall collaborative groove … until Tim comes back to let them know that not only do they have to design a second look (on a shoestring budget of a measly 50 bucks from their original loot), but that it needs to be inspired by another team’s look … which is still mid-construction. Fantastic!

Now, Tim (still Gunn) assigns the inspirational teams. I suddenly have a billion scribblings and arrows all over my notebook, attempting to figure out who’s a team leader, whose team is inspiring which design, which one is the expensive look and which one is this new look-for-less and who’s whose model. Gah!

Overall impressions? I would probably get frustrated in a situation like this. But, for all of the shenanigans Jesse was forced to endure, he could have thrown Ping under the bus a lot less gingerly than he did. Plus, when your model is your blame-game Greek chorus, who can go wrong?

Also, in the matter of Anthony’s yellow dress versus Jonathan’s yellow dress, isn’t this really “the chicken and the egg”? They were both bad. Bad was inspired by bad, but it was the only real use of color on the runway. So did Jonathan remain unscathed only because his teammate won? My head hurts too much to tell.

Don't forget to Rate the Runway (sponsored by "Shutter Island", opening February 19) to sound off on the designers' hit and misses on the runway.

Episode 3: Who Should Have Gone Home This Week?

* The “denouement,” for all you folks putting that B.A. in English to infrequent use.


Seasons 1 & 2 Designer Daniel Franco Is Following His Bliss ... to "American Idol"

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:22pm GMT

If you're new to "Project Runway," you'll think that this is just another guy with a pseudo-Adam Lambert haircut, but if you've been watching since the beginning, you'll have a special place in your heart for Season 1 and 2 veteran Daniel Franco. He looms large in the legend of "Runway," having the distinct honor of being the first "Auf'd" contestant in the history of the show, as well as the only contestant to appear in two seasons!

Seemingly he "followed his bliss" all the way to the Los Angeles auditions, where Simon, Randy, Kara and guest judge Avril Lavigne have apparently never hummed "Daniel Franco, Where Did You Go?" to themselves. (He's the one claiming to be the offspring of Lambert and UK sensation Susan Boyle.)

Thanks to our pals Tom & Lorenzo for alerting us of this confusing, amusing news. Now, where is the footage of him singing?!


Blogging Project Runway Poll: Episode 2

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:52pm GMT

Blogging Project Runway will be presenting fan polls each week on this blog. Come back to see the final results and for new polls. Thanks for voting!

Blogging Project Runway Poll

Who is most likely to win a tractor pull?

Blogging Project Runway Poll

Ping's Peek-a-Booty Bag Dress

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:16am GMT

This may be one of my favorite "Runway" challenges in a long time. It may be because I'm über-Irish and have an inherent love of all thing potatoes, but it also could be because this really puts the designers' talents to the test: make ugly look expensive and pretty.

As we've seen in seasons of "Project Runway" past, impressing the judges in the "unconventional fabric challenge" is broken down into three key things:

1. If it's produce or a foodstuff with the risk of expiring on the runway, did it die halfway down the catwalk or did you shellac it within an inch of its life?

2. Does it look like it could pass as a legit fabric with its sister's fake ID?

3. Can your model act as if it's the most comfortable, amazing garment she's ever worn and is not secretly slowly breaking out into hives before the judges' eyes?

If you can pull the above off under the hot runway lights, you better hang on to that model for the next challenge and never let her go.

And speaking of the ghosts of "Runway" past, didn't Ping Wu's peek-a-booty dress for Elizaveta look exactly like a hybrid of the top of Andrae Gonzalo's garden party "doormat" dress and the (bare) bottom of Zulema "Shatangi" Griffin's revealing sweater dress? You know it does!

What did you think of last night's challenge? Read Tim Gunn’s blog for Episode 2 where he yells at Jesus (the designer, not the Biblical figure) to wake up and disagrees with the judges’ choice for best dress on the runway.


Runway Déjà Vu! Plus Sexy: Minus Plus, Minus Sexy

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:14am GMT

Is it just me, or was there some serious déjà vu happening in Season 7, Episode 1?

Christiane King’s design looked like the missing blue doppelganger of Season 6 designer Qristyl "Plus Sexy!" Frazier’s Episode 1 look, landing both ladies in the bottom three, but unfortunately for Christiane, this episode would be her first and last.

Other than that brief transportation into the past, Season 7 promises to be filled with my following predictions:

Jesus and Emilio share workroom secrets with each other en español.

Mila and Maya get mistaken for one another on the runway with their Louise Black–esque black bobs.

Ping choreographs dramatic interpretive fashion dances for each of her models to perform.

Janeane crafts a garment from tissues, because a box is always within reach {cue tears}.

Anthony gets his own stand-up show, because he just needs one. Now.

As you’re clicking through all the fun features we’ve rolled out for Episode 1 — Rate the Runway, Tim Gunn’s new blog, "Project Runway" Portfolios, designer video blogs — don’t forget to pick your favorite designers for your very own "Project Runway" Fantasy Game team. With Janeane shedding so many tears, she may be a sure thing to win you points in that category!

What did you think of the Season 7 premiere? Sound off here on the blog now.


He's Back! Announcing the Return of Tim Gunn's Blog

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:06pm GMT

One of the blogs most beloved by "Project Runway" fans is back — Tim Gunn's! The fashion guru himself will be giving his take on each episode all season long, beginning with the season premiere (Thursday at 10 pm et/pt).

Visit Tim Gunn's blog right away.

Also new to blogging this season — in addition to Tim and the previously announced Carol Hannah (with footnotes from Logan Neizel)"Models of Runway" Season 1 winner Kalyn Hemphill will be guest-blogging for the Official "Models of the Runway" Blog throughout Season 2.

To hold you over, watch this preview of "Project Runway" Season 7 now:


Play Our New Project Runway Fantasy Game All Season Long!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:56pm GMT

To celebrate "Project Runway" Season 7, we've just revealed our new Project Runway Fantasy Game!

Project Runway Fantasy Game

Check out the "Project Runway" Season 7 designers and pick your three favorites for your team. Watch the premiere next Thursday, January 14, at 10 pm et/pt and start playing against your friends, family and coworkers, beginning with Episode 2!

The designers you have selected can earn you points during each episode of the show by doing things like winning a challenge and avoiding elimination, or lose you points by worrying Tim or boring Nina. (Ouch!)

Sign up and start formulating your Project Runway Fantasy Game team selections now!


On Jan. 13 Fashion Avenue, NYC Becomes Project Runway Avenue!

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 3:57pm GMT

Update: Wednesday, January 13 at 11:30 am at Intersection of 39th and Fashion Ave (7th Ave)

The following designers and models will be appearing:
Althea Harper
Anthony L. Williams
Austin Scarlett
Carol Hannah Whitfield
Celine Chua
Cerri McQuillan
Chris March
Emilio Sosa
Irina Shabayeva
Jesse LeNoir
Jonathan Peters
Kalyn Hemphill
Laura Bennett
Logan Neitzel
Malan Breton
Maya Luz
Nicolas Putvinski
Pamela Ptak
Qristyl Frazier
Ramon-Lawrence Coleman

In celebration of "Project Runway's" return to New York for its seventh season, Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia join city officials and fashion industry representatives at street naming ceremony in front of iconic "Needle Threading a Button" sculpture in New York City's Fashion District where Fashion Avenue will be temporarily renamed Project Runway Avenue.

NYC & Company, New York City's official marketing, tourism and partnership organization, will also present a New York City Proclamation deeming Wednesday, January 13 as Project Runway Day, highlighting the show's contribution to New York City’s fashion industry, in anticipation to the premiere of "Project Runway" Season 7 on Thursday, January 14 at 10 pm et/pt on Lifetime Television. City officials will speak about the critical role the fashion industry plays in New York City’s economy.

"Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn, judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia will join NYC & Company CEO George Fertitta, Lifetime Networks CEO Andrea Wong, Deputy Mayor of Economic Development Robert C. Lieber, Fashion Center BID President Barbara Randal, and several of "Project Runway's" and "Models of the Runway's" past and current season contestants.


Get "Project Runway" Season 6 on DVD February 23

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 9:50pm GMT

Mean-a Irina. Christopher's river of tears. Malvin's "Mother Hen"-wear. Relive the best of "Project Runway" Season 6 on DVD, available everywhere on February 23.

Can't wait? Place your "Project Runway" Season 6 DVD pre-order and watch winner Irina Shabayeva's design retrospective video now: