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Season 10 Q&A: Nathan Paul Doesn't Believe in Client-Blaming

Posted By laurareineke 4:55pm GMT

Nathan Paul

Being able to tailor one's personal aesthetic to meet the needs and desires of a client is arguably the biggest test for a real fashion designer. But garments that don't meet the judges' standards — even those put together by the happiest of designer-client teams — won't cut it on "Project Runway," as Nathan Paul unfortunately found out last night. Nathan opened up about his reasons for being on the show, what he could have done differently in this week's challenge and his pick for the winner of Season 10. Check out the Q&A after the jump!


Real Women Have Curves ... I'm Talking to You, Ven!

Posted By kim_messina 5:05am GMT

I'm getting straight to the point this episode — and I'm sure my fellow bloggers will agree with me: Ven, wake up! Not everyone woman is a stick-thin, size 0, emaciated model. Real women come in different shapes and sizes. Real women deserve to dress like a superstar and feel good about themselves. And more importantly, real women deserve to be treated with respect.

I was totally disgusted at the way Ven blatantly and continuously had no regard for his client, Terri's, feelings and style. In the beginning, Ven almost had me fooled — he said that right to her face that he was going to create something that would be "comfortable" and "fashionable," and that he would "take the next step forward" with her fashion. Mind you in his confessional he said that he was "in shock" and "disappointed" when he saw her for the first time. Shame on you. (And really?! Like you're one to talk.) For what it's worth, his final look didn't look comfortable and fashionable at all. But more on that later.

As I continued to watch the episode, I realized that I wasn't the only one drinking the Ven haterade. The look on all the designers' faces when Ven was fitting Terri was priceless. They should have a muzzle in the workroom for moments of verbal diarrhea like this. Gunnar said it best when said that Ven was "dogging" his girl. (Oh, and BTW — how great was Gunnar with his client, Kim? I know the guy gets a bad rep for being a diva, but he was so sincere and genuine while working with her. I think these are the moments that typically end up on the cutting room floor — the ones that show that the designers are actual caring human beings.)

So one day and 10 great hair makeovers laters, the "real women" were ready to strut their new looks down the runway. (And boy, did Gunnar's client strut!) I know it's not easy to design out of your comfort zone, but at the end of the day when "Project Runway" is over, there is a high possibility that the designers will be creating pieces for the average woman, so consider this a glimpse of the future. The standouts for me were Alicia (Because she took at risk, listened to her client and totally stepped out the box), Christopher, Dmitry (I think he should have won) and Melissa (Just like Heidi said, I wish I could have seen more of her dress). I think it's great that Fabio finally felt comfortable enough to finally express himself as a designer, so on that merit alone, I think he did deserve to win. (And his client looked elated with her new look, to boot!)

Based on design alone, it's a toss up for with the bottom three whole should have sent home. Ven, Nathan and Sonjia's designs all had their share of flaws — the zipper on Ven's skirt was inappropriate, Nathan's client looked like a $2 hooker and Sonjia's dress was too short, to name a few. I wish the judges got to see more of how Ven treated his client and voted him off because if I were them and he was to win the whole competition, I wouldn't want someone with such a bad attitude to represet the name "Project Runway." But alas, Ven was saved and Nathan was aufed.

On a final note, please read the last paragraph of Nick Verreos' blog. I can't say it any better than he did.

Tell me your thoughts on Ven. Do you think he should have went home?


"Project Runway" Guest Fashion Blogger: Audrey Allure

Posted By kim_messina 1:27pm GMT

Audrey Allure Logo

By Audrey Allure

Heidi Klum arrived on the runway holding the infamous button bag — which means:another team challenge was presented this week! Bring on the drama. Each team had to create a capsule collection for Marie Claire @Work Magazine. Looks had to be editorial friendly while wearable enough to wear to work.

Team 5 consisted of Gunnar, Chris, Ven, Nathan and Fabio, also known as “Team SILK CHIFFONIES.” Team 6 consisted of Sonjia, Raul, Dmitry, Alicia, Elena and Melissa — the team that couldn’t agree on anything.

Raul acted defensive and stubborn, determined to stick to his own aesthetic without compromising for the team in fear of getting eliminated again. Team 6 also left a bag behind at Mood, which caused more frustration to the group. On the other side, Gunnar felt like a tailor rather than a designer since he’s creating a look which he feels isn’t true to himself and hated all the micro-managing his team was putting him through.

Later on at the photo shoot (or Everyone Hates Elena time), designers styled and decided on final shots. Elena was giving everyone problems — arguing that shots looked better without props, treating the other designers so harshly — she was stressing me out!

Melissa won the challenge with her bold, chic dress. Both teams tied their scores but eventually it came down to equally unflattering designs from Raul (with his ruffled bib) and Gunnar (with the floating soufflé boobs). It seemed like Raul couldn’t redeem himself far enough in the competition and was sent packing home once again.


There's No "I" in "Project Runway"

Posted By kim_messina 4:37am GMT

Le sigh ... another group challenge. And I totally get it designers, you didn't come on this show to work in teams. But don't act like this is your first rodeo — it's "Project Runway"! Anything is possible and after 10 seasons, you should be prepared for any challenge that is thrown your way — even if it's another dreaded group challenge. (And really, I can't think of any "PR" fan that doesn't love the insane amount of drama that comes from group challenges!)

I knew this episode was going to go down in flames the minute Raul was picked last and then huffed and puffed when he said that he only works alone, doesn't like group challenges, tailors good pants, yada, yada, yada... Oh sweetie, you should be so grateful that you were even there to experience the second group challenge cause let's be honest, the first one didn't work out so well for you. (I also hope you sent Kooan and Andrea an Edible Arrangement or something for leaving the competition last episode, giving you your second chance.) I respect the fact that you have your own vision, but there is this crazy word called "compromise" and you didn't do any of it. (Want more Raul dirt? Read his Q&A after his first elimination here.)

What I found most interesting this challenge was the way the two teams strategized how to make their cohesive line. (BTW, they couldn't think of more creative names besides Team 5 and Team 6?!) Team 5 decided to have each person do their own look for the collection while Team 6 used their strengths to create articles of clothing to put together. I'm not too sure which method I favored as each had pros and cons, but if I was a betting a woman, I would have initially put my money on Team 5. Geez, was I wrong.

In my opinion, I think Tim Gunn hit the nail on the head when he told Team 5 (aka the Silk Chiffonies) that their clothes looked "clownish." I'm a 28-year-old professional and I would never be caught dead in that print on the streets of New York City. It looked like a print that my mom would rock in a cardigan with mom jeans. (Hi, mom!) I don't necessarily think the structure of most of their looks was bad (More on soufflé boobs later...), but I just couldn't see past the fabric. That combined with the unnecessarily strong personalities on that team didn't really bode for an overall good look.

But that's not to say that Team 6 (with no creative nickname) was flawless. Two words: Dictator Elena. I would have freaked on her if she treated me the way she treated her teammates, especially at the photo shoot. I didn't realize Elena was an expert in styling, hair, makeup, props and camera angles.

However when it comes down to it, I do think the right team won. Their clothes were indeed the most cohesive and wearable for the working woman ... except for the winning look. Don't get me wrong, I think Melissa definitely had the best look, but I don't think that it was work-appropriate. I personally would find that high neck suffocating while sitting at a desk.

As for the two worst looks, it was the battle of "soufflé boobs" and the "schoolyard reject," who were ironically the last two chosen during team selections. How telling... I honestly wished there was a double elimination because when it came to their attitudes, work ethic and overall design this episode, it was 50/50 in my book. But it was Raul's time to go (again.) But hey, he got the "Heidi double-cheek kiss" twice — which I'm sure many guys dream of — so congrats on that, Raul.

One final thought on the episode, any creativity that workroom lacked was made up awesome one-liners. Here are some of my faves:
-"She is, she's a little bitch." -Christopher
-"It's like floating soufflé boobs." -Heidi
-"[She's a] one-way monkey." -Dmitry
-"I thought it looked like two puppies wrestling in a sack." -Joanna Coles

Do you have a favorite line from this episode? Which look was your favorite?


Video: Kooan Kosuke's Exit Dance

Posted By kim_messina 4:17pm GMT

Season 10 designer Kooan Kosuke may have abruptly bowed out of the competition last week, but he's taking to YouTube for one final goodbye ... in the form of dance. "thank u all for rooting for me and watching project runway season 10," he wrote. "i hope u will all understand why i did what i did by understaning me through watching video more, recorded right after the episode 4. thank u all once again and thank u project runway." Watch the video below to see Kooan's (impressive) moves:

What do you think about Kooan's exit interview (er ... dance)? Do you wish he was still in the competition?


"Project Runway" Guest Fashion Blogger: You Know You Love Fashion

Posted By kim_messina 3:47pm GMT

You Know You Love Fashion Blog Logo

By Jen Luby - Editor, YouKnowYouLoveFashion.com

The title of this week’s episode may have been "Women on the Go" but it ended up more like "Designers Get Gone." Not one but TWO contestants hit the road: Andrea, who slinked away in the middle of the night, and then sent a "SRY. IT’S NOT U, IT’S ME" email, and Kooan, who decided that the real world was A Bad Place and hightailed it back to the land of pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows. This show started with sixteen designers, and right now, my heart goes out to numbers 17 and 18. Andrea and Kooan took someone else’s place, and that ain’t cool. If you don’t think you can hack the challenges, then don’t apply.

Right! There was a challenge! The designers arrive at Michael Kors’ brand new flagship store. Sonjia says they have no idea what’s in store today, which is really weird, because I thought they received daily itineraries detailing every single thing that's going to happen to them. No? Not how this show works? My bad.

MK & Tim reveal that this week’s assignment is to design a day-to-night look for a woman on the go. Day to Night Barbie was one of my favorites, so this challenge pleases me immensely. The designers sketch and talk about their imaginary clients. Gunnar’s sketch scares me, and as soon as Melissa says "hoodie" I’m wondering what kind of day-to-night scenario she’s envisioning. A quick weightlifters’ meeting followed by cocktails with druids?

The designers go to Mood, where they talk about how confusing it is. There are a lot of aisles! And those aisles are filled with fabric! You guys, it’s hard! But they muddle through and head back to the workroom, where Kooan drops his bomb. He jubilantly shouts “make it work!” on his way out. Tim & Co. are not amused.

Tim returns with a surprise — Raul is back! Christopher ascertains that he is "one lucky ho" and I must agree. Raul’s skills are shaky, so he’d better bring it. Speaking of shaky skills, Buffi is creating a smock out of hot pink chiffon, and Christopher (OMG, he’s like "Project Runway’s "Greek chorus — always saying what we’re thinking) points out that it resembles resort wear. She eschews his input, saying that she needs to stay true to her (tacky) self.

Runway time!

Sonjia: Functional but a bit of a snooze. Does anyone remember Units, from the 80s? They sold plain pieces that could be twisted into multifunctional ways — a cardigan became a shirt, for instance. Then again, Day to Night Barbie had a hat that turned into a skirt, so maybe Sonjia is onto something.

Alicia: I like the concept, but the shirt and shorts look odd and ill-fitting. Pass.

Melissa: When her model came out, she did indeed resemble a druid for a hot second, although overall, I like the look. It has possibilities.

Buffi: Oh, girl. This just looks cheap. It’s a world of no.

Fabio: This is what a 22 year old would wear if they thought they were being totes profesh. I think they sell this at Forever 21. That is not a compliment.

Gunnar: Goes to show you can’t judge an outfit by its sketch. Well done, sir. I would absolutely wear this look.

Nathan: Very much a pile of sad, and ohhh, that mustard color. Not cute.

Dmitry: Impeccable. He’s got some serious skills and knows how to make women look good. I'd run out and buy that now.

Ven: Sigh. Stunning as always. That zipper? Killer. It absolutely looks like something Michael Kors would have in his line.

Raul: What? What is this? No. Too many things going on, and none of them good. He just got here so he won’t be aufed, but he deserves to be.

Elena: I don’t love her aesthetic, but this is not so bad. The shoulders are too boxy, but I dig the overall look.

Christopher: I'm totally down with the hard/soft vibe he’s got going on, although the hanging part is too long. The jacket makes the look.

In the end, the judges gave the gold to Sonjia and said buh-bye to Buffi. I would have chosen Dmitry (although I agree his look needed a bit of spice) or even Gunnar for the winner, and Raul to get the boot. His skills and his taste are very questionable, but then again, so are Buffi’s.

Which one do you think deserved to go home?


Season 10 Q&A: Buffi Jashanmal is Totally Cool with Being Completely Different

Posted By laurareineke 4:50pm GMT

Buffi Jashanmal

With her loud hair and louder designs, Buffi Jashanmal made an immediate impression on Project Runway this season - and on the judges, who weren't exactly enamored with her eclectic style. This week we saw two designers flee the show and another brought back as a replacement, but that wasn't enough to distract the judging panel from the design and construction problems in Buffi's garment. The bubbly, personable designer talked with us about her reaction to the challenges, her favorite designers still remaining in the competition, and the thought process behind her wild hair. Check it out below!


Fashion's Not For Sissies

Posted By kim_messina 4:39am GMT

No truer words have been spoken, Mr. Kors. Well played.

For once in my life, I'm speechless. This never happens ... seriously. Going into this episode (or this season for that matter), I knew that Andrea and Kooan were peacing out this episode. Let's call it one of the many perks of working for Lifetime. But how they handled their departure completely befuddled me.

All I know is that thousands of hopefuls try out for "Project Runway" each season, and even the most talented designers don't make the cut when the final cast is narrowed down. It completely devastates me for those designers who genuinely deserved a spot on the show that two contestants just got up and left mid-competition — seeming ungrateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity that was presented to them. It's like, come on — "Project Runway" has been on for eight years and nine seasons. You knew exactly what you were getting into.

I will give Kooan props though for the way he bowed out. At least he had the courtesy and class to tell the designers his decision before his final, "Make it work!" Andrea, on the other hand, completely chickened out to the point that producers didn't know if something happened to her! Great example for your students, Andrea.

But enough of my lamenting about Kooan and Andrea — there's fashion that needs to be discussed!

For the record, I pray to the God otherwise known as Michael Kors. Even before becoming a "Runway" junkie, I swore by his clothes, bags, shoes, etc... His products are well-made, top-quality and relatively affordable. Michael's aesthetic completely encompasses my personal style. so if I ever was to become a fashion designer (I'm sure everyone I know is laughing at me right now — I can't even draw a stick figure!), his carrer and products would be my muse. That being said, I feel like the designers were handed this challenge on a silver platter: they were in Michael's amazing flagship store, with Michael (!) and he and Tim basically spelled out the way to win over the judges, keeping fabric in mind.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It never is. After all, it wouldn't be "Project Runway" without bad decisions, honest critiques from Tim and, of course, workroom drama.

Once the situation surrounding Kooan and Andrea subsided, some designs really started to stand out. Maybe not for the right reasons, but stand out, nonetheless. (Oh yeah, and welcome back Raul! You are very, very, very lucky!) Off the bat, Buffi's pink-but-not-pick-sorta-coral-with-zebra-print ensemble definitely made a statement — it screamed "Buffi." I am glad that she stayed true to herself, but as we all know, that doesn't always get you to Fashion Week.

What I found really interesting was that everyone really had their own perception of the "woman on the go." Nathan thought of a working mother and Buffi saw her girl as someone who works at night while Elena saw her woman switching from sneakers to pumps. It was all over the board. (PS: Was I the only one was humming Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money" the entire episode?!) Regardless of the designers' point of view, per usual, it all went down on the runway.

I agree with Tim when he said that this week has been the designers' strongest week so far. But then again, it doesn't take much to trump candy dresses and group challenges. And for once, I agree on who the judges put in the top and the bottom. I absolutely loved Christopher's black dress with leather jacket. It was sleek, chic and for a girl who work in New York City, it's definitely something I could see myself wearing as I strut my stuff (ha!) down third avenue. I'm sorta in a pickle about whether he should have won over Sonjia, but her dress was also really well executed. (And isn't she just adorable?!) I'm declaring it a hung jury.

Like I said before, Buffi designed the weakest look. It was clear as day to me. I loved her exit — the way she hid behind the couch was just precious. (If I'm being honest, I've had a Buffi obsession since before the show started. I had to call Buffi for something and she said, "Thanks, love!" at the end. I just adore sweet, cool people with accents.) So in a tribute to all things Buffi, let's take a walk down memory lane and watch why "Everyone Loves Buffi Jashanmal":

Are you going to miss Buffi as much as I will? Do you think it was her time to go?


Season 10 Q&A: Raul Osorio on Team Challenges and Workroom Drama

Posted By laurareineke 4:51pm GMT


It's never easy for ego-driven, individualistic designers to collaborate on one design, but add severe time constraints, the possibility of elimination, and the opportunity to have that design featured on an Emmys red carpet and it's enough to make anyone crack. We saw a lot of crankiness and fighting this week, but surprisingly, none of it came from the bottom two designers, Raul Osorio and Alicia Hardesty. They committed to their losing dress as equals in an admirable and atypical move. Unfortunately, it was someone's turn to be auf'd, and Raul ended up on the chopping block. We spoke with him about the difficulties of the challenge and the rest of his time on the runway — check out our Q&A below!


It Takes Two

Posted By kim_messina 4:01am GMT

It takes two to make a thing go right. It takes two to make it outta sight.

If that was only true about this episode! Just when the remaining designers thought they were out of the clear after finishing the dreaded unconventional challenge last week, Tim Gunn dropped another bomb of (almost) equal magnitude on them — this week, they'd be working in pairs. ::Grunts all around::

For whatever reason, and I know the selections were completely random, but I really pleased at the pairings. Except a Gunnar/Christopher partnership would have made Cunnar (?), Gunstopher (?) fans like myself do a little happy dance. Can you imagine the dra-ma?! Nonetheless, I thought the pairs would make (hopefully) good designs and (more importantly), good television. I was half right...

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the episode, I have to give it up to my girls Laura Bennett and Mila Hermanovski. Both ladies are official "Project Runway" bloggers (Read Laura's thoughts on the episode here and Mila's here!) and neither spilled the beans to me that they'd be in the episode along with Anya Ayoung-Chee, Kenley Collins, April Johnson, Irina Shabayeva and Valerie Mayen. I love a good surprise, so thanks.

For the most part, I felt like the designers started the day on a high note. Each pair seemed to find a happy medium between their individual aesthetic and were able to divy up the work accordingly. But that didn't last for long. Let's fast forward to when Tim Gunn and the all star designers sashayed into the workroom. For some pairs like Melissa and Dmitry and Ven and Fabio, it was smooth sailing. But for the other pairs, it was anything but. Between Andrea and Raul choosing the wrong fabric for a dress to wear to the Emmys (I emailed Mila and told her I was impressed how well she kept her cool!) or Elena storming out of the workroom because Buffi was taking too long with the pleats, it got ugly.

Oh, a personal catfight highlight of mine, you ask? Christopher's "laxidasical" impersonation of Andrea — laugh and all. Spot on. Another one? Irina's bitch fit on Gunnar and Kooan. Girl knows what she likes. I can appreciate that.

And now the dresses. I have to be honest. I wasn't blown away by any of them. My personal fave was Sonjia and Nathan's gold dress for Valerie. I thought it was very Emmy-appropriate. Why they weren't in the top two and Gunnar and Kooan were, blows my mind. It's not that I didn't like Ven and Fabio's dress, it's just that I think for something as special as a major award show, it would have fell flat on the carpet. No one would be talking about the dress the next day, as Michael said. (I would also like to point out that guest judge Krysten Ritter had the same sentiment as me. Another reason why I'm convinced we should be BFFs. Love "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.")

As for the bottom two, I don't disagree that Alicia and Raul's look was the worst. And I do agree that Raul should have been the one to go home. I also think if Christopher and Andrea were able to get it together as a team, their dress could have been something special. And obviously Christopher realized that. Tug at my heartstrings with those tears, why don't cha?!

My final thoughts on the episode:
-Ven, show some excitement! You just won two weeks in a row! You sound so serious! Talk with exclamation points!
-Did you catch Raul say, "Bye Brittany!"? Who's Brittany and Tiffany?!
-Holy cliffhanger, Batman! I can't wait to see what's in store next week! (Okay I may know what happens, but trust me when I say that Andrea's not the only designer making her mark on the competition next week!)

Who do you think should have gone home? Raul or Alicia? Or both?