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Your Favorite "Runway" Bloggers Take the Spotlight

By CaitlinBergmann Mon., Aug. 31, 2009 ,5:09 pm EDT

Your favorite "Project Runway" bloggers Tom and Lorenzo (formerly Project Rungay) and Blogging Project Runway are sounding off each week on new episodes!

Don't miss the Episode 2 T Lo Awards and this week's Blogging Project Runway judging, where poor Mitchell Hall receives some well-earned snark.

Here's a taste:

T Lo Awards: The Debating Team Award

And the T Lo goes to ... MITCHELL HALL! "It’s a look for a hip, stylish girl." "It’s a MESS." "She’s meeting her friends for lunch." "YOU. CAN'T. SEW." Points for trying, Mitchell, but the ladies just didn't want to hear it.