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Tropical Beverages, a Vacation and THAT Collection ASAP, Please

By Tracy_Goldenberg 10/28/2011 05:01AM GMT

1. I can’t believe “Project Runway’s” ninth season went by so quickly, so it seams. (Last chance for a sewing pun!)
2. I can’t believe next year will be Season 10! (Ten!)
3. I can’t believe how lucky these final four were to get a big, fat redo from Tim Gunn.

Never in “Project Runway’s” history have the designers been able to so directly act upon the feedback they’ve received by the judges in a way that played to their advantage. Not only did they get to take the judges' temperature of their finale work, they were given the ability to act upon it.

Throughout this competition one thing has been clear: Anya is a great listener and her inner fashion MacGyver comes out at the eleventh hour to create something great. Sure, it may not be that pretty up close — her specialty was never being a technician — but she is extremely good at bringing out a clutch move when it counts the most. And how much more could it count than this very moment?

Getting straight to the collections, here were some of my favorite pieces from all four designers:

Final collections by the Project Runway Season 9 at Fashion Week

The looks featuring Viktor's fabulous patterns appealed to me the most in his collection. His see-through moments kind of turned me off, mostly because I can’t see myself wearing them. Only women starring in George Michael music videos circa 1990 can pull off that look. Blazer with the mirrored top and the purple pants? Out of control, home run amazing for all three pieces.

Kimberly surprised me with the cream top and pants combo because it felt like the Brooklyn urban girl she was designing for pulled a Clark Kent and took off to the 52nd floor of her high rise office building to have her three executive assistants interoffice a memo to all employees reading: "THIS LOOK IS EVERYTHING." It was just not the same girl. Fabulous, but not the same. She brought it back to keeping it real with the pink dress with the silver jacket, which, after seeing the crits by the judges, I wish she asked the model to remove at the end of the runway to reveal the rest, which was spectacular ... and needed by your truly in several colors ASAP.

Joshua impressed me with his more mature moments — the neoprene and plastic pieces — and I was less responsive to the newer additions to his collection, namely those green biker shorts. If a 6’12” amazon model can’t pull them off, there’s no hope for us 5’4” sisters. Just saying.

I vividly recall watching Anya’s collection come down the runway (in person, no less), and just desperately wanting to be that girl. Disclaimer: I am the palest girl on the planet who cannot even so much think of a tropical location without erupting into prickly heat, but all I wanted to do was go on vacation, sip a tropical beverage and wear those clothes while doing it. Her clothes took me to another place for a moment. Some of my fellow bloggers (namely Nick Verreos and Laura Bennett) think that the collection was too reminiscent of Uli Hertzner's from Season 3, but it never really crossed my mind until after I read the comparison.

Yes, Uli was all about the beachy vibe too, but their respective choices in fabrics and execution is stark in comparison. Uli was, and is, a technician. You could probably conduct a class on how perfectly her work was constructed. Anya’s not at that level yet, but if this is what that woman can pull off with little training, imagine the possibilities of what she can do as she grows as a designer.