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There's No "I" in "Project Runway"

By kim_messina 08/17/2012 04:37AM GMT

Le sigh ... another group challenge. And I totally get it designers, you didn't come on this show to work in teams. But don't act like this is your first rodeo — it's "Project Runway"! Anything is possible and after 10 seasons, you should be prepared for any challenge that is thrown your way — even if it's another dreaded group challenge. (And really, I can't think of any "PR" fan that doesn't love the insane amount of drama that comes from group challenges!)

I knew this episode was going to go down in flames the minute Raul was picked last and then huffed and puffed when he said that he only works alone, doesn't like group challenges, tailors good pants, yada, yada, yada... Oh sweetie, you should be so grateful that you were even there to experience the second group challenge cause let's be honest, the first one didn't work out so well for you. (I also hope you sent Kooan and Andrea an Edible Arrangement or something for leaving the competition last episode, giving you your second chance.) I respect the fact that you have your own vision, but there is this crazy word called "compromise" and you didn't do any of it. (Want more Raul dirt? Read his Q&A after his first elimination here.)

What I found most interesting this challenge was the way the two teams strategized how to make their cohesive line. (BTW, they couldn't think of more creative names besides Team 5 and Team 6?!) Team 5 decided to have each person do their own look for the collection while Team 6 used their strengths to create articles of clothing to put together. I'm not too sure which method I favored as each had pros and cons, but if I was a betting a woman, I would have initially put my money on Team 5. Geez, was I wrong.

In my opinion, I think Tim Gunn hit the nail on the head when he told Team 5 (aka the Silk Chiffonies) that their clothes looked "clownish." I'm a 28-year-old professional and I would never be caught dead in that print on the streets of New York City. It looked like a print that my mom would rock in a cardigan with mom jeans. (Hi, mom!) I don't necessarily think the structure of most of their looks was bad (More on soufflé boobs later...), but I just couldn't see past the fabric. That combined with the unnecessarily strong personalities on that team didn't really bode for an overall good look.

But that's not to say that Team 6 (with no creative nickname) was flawless. Two words: Dictator Elena. I would have freaked on her if she treated me the way she treated her teammates, especially at the photo shoot. I didn't realize Elena was an expert in styling, hair, makeup, props and camera angles.

However when it comes down to it, I do think the right team won. Their clothes were indeed the most cohesive and wearable for the working woman ... except for the winning look. Don't get me wrong, I think Melissa definitely had the best look, but I don't think that it was work-appropriate. I personally would find that high neck suffocating while sitting at a desk.

As for the two worst looks, it was the battle of "soufflé boobs" and the "schoolyard reject," who were ironically the last two chosen during team selections. How telling... I honestly wished there was a double elimination because when it came to their attitudes, work ethic and overall design this episode, it was 50/50 in my book. But it was Raul's time to go (again.) But hey, he got the "Heidi double-cheek kiss" twice — which I'm sure many guys dream of — so congrats on that, Raul.

One final thought on the episode, any creativity that workroom lacked was made up awesome one-liners. Here are some of my faves:
-"She is, she's a little bitch." -Christopher
-"It's like floating soufflé boobs." -Heidi
-"[She's a] one-way monkey." -Dmitry
-"I thought it looked like two puppies wrestling in a sack." -Joanna Coles

Do you have a favorite line from this episode? Which look was your favorite?