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The Candyman Can ... Or Can't!

By kim_messina 07/27/2012 04:34AM GMT

Let's just get this out of the way — the white elephant in the room, if you will. TIM. GUNN. CURSED. THIS. EPISODE. I never knew I would hear such language out of the man who defies the epitome class. Tim said, wait for it, "So this is a glue the s&*! out of it moment." Let's take a moment, let it all set in ... I know. But let's be honest, even when Tim Gunn says s&*! it sounds classy.

And boy, did the designers have to glue the s&*! out of this week's designs. Sigh ... the unconventional challenge: what the designers dread the most and what fans anticipate the most, including yours truly. I'm not a designer by any means (I struggled making pilgrim vests out of brown paper bags for Thanksgiving when I was a kid), so I can't really put myself inside their heads when they're told to create an outfit made of candy. But come on — you got to raid Dylan's Candy Bar! Suck it up! It's not like they had to get materials from a pet store like in Season 9. At least a candy store smells better.

(Sidebar: Dear Christopher, Hey I just met you and this is crazy. But let's go pick up chocolate boyfriends together. So call me, maybe?)

Besides Tim Gunn cursing like a sailor (Okay, okay, I know I'm being dramatic), my favorite moments of the episode were the ones when the designers decided to turn their brains off, leaving the audience thinking, "Did that really just happen?!" For example, when Kooan and Buffi's cotton candy disintegrated. Did you ever go to the circus as kids?! That stuff is gone in 2.5 seconds once it hits any kind of moisture. Duh. And poor, poor Elena. News flash: hot glue is hot. I think you're cool and all, but your shorts were totes inapprops.

To me, the final looks fell into two very clear categories: sweet and sour. Let's start with the sweet:
Ven - Flawless
Dmitry - I would literally wear that dress.
Melissa - I get it, you like black. But I do dig the two-piece look.
Sonjia - Love the color palette.
Fabio - The dress doesn't even look like it's made out of candy.
Raul - I enjoy a good cutout.
Christopher - The dress is similar to the style of your previous episode outfits, but it works. I get it. Please wow me in Episode 3.
Gunnar - The pattern was a little too checkerboard for me, but the craftmanship was impressive.

And now, the sour:
Andrea - Remember how when you eat dots, there's always that awful-tasting coating of paper on the back? I got that taste in my mouth when I saw your apron. However, I do appreciate the symmetry of your dots. (I'm a little OCD about that kind of stuff.)
Alicia - I have no opinion on this outfit. It just fell flat for me.
Buffi - CARRIE BRADSHAW WOULD NEVER WEAR THIS. The "Sex and the City" fan girl in me is sobbing.
Nathan - Your model had to literally hold her dress as she walked the runway. No bueno.
Elena - No more strong shoulders, please. And you had an entire candy store and you chose cream-colored licorice?! Willy Wonka is freaking out right now.
Kooan - Nothing surprised me about your design, it's just not my taste. (Is it anyones?!) I'm still obsessed with you, though.
Lantie - If the challenge was make a dress out of an umbrella, you would have won, hands down. But it wasn't. After last week, you really needed to be on your A game to secure a spot in Episode 3.

And then there were 14. I know I harped on this in my last blog, but you do not want to miss Episode 3 — there is a cliffhanger that will leave you speechless!

Do you think Lantie deserved to go home?