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Sex, Scandals and Season 10

By kim_messina 07/20/2012 04:21AM GMT

Full Disclosure: I've watched the first episode of Season 10 three times. Sure, I get paid to eat, sleep and breath "Project Runway" (Seriously — I double dog dare you to ask me to recite all the designers' names in alphabetical order, spell Dmitry, Gunnar and Elena's last names and then top it off by quizzing me on their ages and hometowns. Oh yes — and it's Son-gee and Koo-on. It's fine.). But it wasn't my boss who made me watch it over and over again — it was me.

I mean, the first episode took place in Times freaking Square! I walk through that joint every day and have never seen anything of that magnitude. (And this is coming from a girl who used to stand outside of TRL during the *NYSNC days.) I was completely in awe of the entire situation.

That being said, I can't even imagine how the designers must have felt. I think Raul put it best when he said, "This is better than sex." (Note: Next time you watch Episode 1, count the sex references. My personal fave? Kooan's quip, "I like making a lot of love." But more on Kooan later.) Plus, throw in a Gilmore Girl, the lady who made Carrie Bradshaw look fan-freaking-tastic for six years and you have the trifecta of everything this is good in the world … err, I mean the center of the universe.

So the designers … oh the new batch of designers. To say that there are some characters in the bunch would be the understatement of the century. No two designers are alike in aesthetic and personality. Though between you and me, I think Christopher and Gunnar butt heads because secretly they want to be best friends. I'm nominating them for this season's bromance. They both even agreed that Gunnar is a "moody little son of a bitch." See? Can you feel the love?

I'm personally keeping a close eye on "I love black and white" Melissa, Christopher (Obsessed with the dress he made at home!), Ven (Holy fabric skills, Batman!), Sonjia and Dmitry. I think Dmitry's quiet demeanor is going to be at his advantage during the season … and I also happen to think that he resembles Michael Sheen's character Aro, one of the Volturi vampires, in The Twilight Saga. Joking aside, those five seem to get the purpose of the competition and I don't feel like they'll get caught up in all the workroom drama.

And then there's Kooan. I could write a whole post on Mr. Kosuke. He's crazy, kookie, outrageous and sometimes doesn't make any sense. And why should he? His clothes clearly speak for themselves … loud and clear! I love him almost as much as I love Tim Gunn. Oh, idea! Remember "On the Road with Austin & Santino?" The next installment of the series should be "On the Road with Kooan & Tim." Between Tim's refinement and Kooan's eccentric personality, they'd easily become the next odd couple.

I know it's a competition, but I genuinely feel bad when a designer gets voted off. Beatrice seemed like such a nice girl. I was sad to see her go, but her lackluster jersey dress and "Ugly Betty"-like poncho made her an easy victim to be the first contestant "aufed." But Lantie, better step her game up! She got through by the skin of her teeth!

So I addressed sex and Season 10, and while there might not be any scandals quite just yet, this is my fair warning to you to keep tuning in because you DO NOT want to miss the drama that is going to unfold. Hint: Two of the designers leave in the middle of the night. (Yeah, yeah I know that's old news.) But which two designers leave will blow your mind!