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Second Chances

By kim_messina 10/12/2012 04:29AM GMT

The Fab Four? The Fierce Four? Either way, after a season of ups and downs, twists and turns, it has cumulated to Christopher, Dmitry, Fabio and Melissa representing Season 10 at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. But of course, in true "Project Runway" fashion, their road to the big runway was anything but smooth...which fans got to watch play out in this week's episode. Instead of breaking down the episode bit by bit, I'm going to break it down by designer (a la Mila Hermanovski), because if you watched the episode [SPOILER ALERT], you know that all four designers make it to MBFW.

(I now welcome you to the interactive portion of this post…)

Christopher was the first designer to face the wrath of Tim Gunn on home turf. His family was just lovely — they sipped tea with Tim. Precious. Upon first glance, I was impressed with Christopher's progress. It's very my style, and I've gravitated toward his looks all season. But I also initially thought that he needed to step outside the box some more and push the envelope. (i.e. Using bleach on leather). I also thought using his mom's X-ray was a bold move and pretty damn creative. I was confused, however, as to why two out of the three looks he sent down the runway were booty shorts. Seeing as though Tim raved about two of his jackets during the home visit (the studded-leather and structured coats), I was shocked to see that neither of those pieces made the cut. However out of all the designers, I thought Christopher had the best styling.

First off, if I didn't know that Fabio's sick work space actually belonged to his friend, I would have been super confused that Freegan Fabio had such luxurious digs. If I'm being honest, all season Fabio's clothes have never been my style. But that being said, his creativity and vision for his collection was off the charts. I don't think I've ever heard of "Cosmic Tribalism" in my life, but I'm a believer now. The dyeing? Fab. The draping? Fab. The shoes? Not so much. (Can you imagine someone accidentally stepping on your toes while wearing them?) They scared me almost as much as the blunt bangs that Fabio's models wore on the runway. I think he showed the most diversity with his collection (I like that he did a pants outfit, skirt and dress), but I really had a hard time seeing past those bowl cuts. Oye.

Dmitry was working on his collection just a hop, skip and jump from where I live. Had I known, I would have put on my "Project Runway" super sleuth gear and scoped out the collection. Or at least would have tried to grab a cup of coffee with the Wonder from Belarus. I don't care if you do or do not like Dmitry's clothes — you can't argue with me for one second that they are not impeccably made. I truly think that his craftsmanship has given him an edge up on the competition all season. And as Dmitry put it, he's very "confident" in his collection. He should be. I thought the judges made a really good point that Dmitry has to watch his styling and try to make it "younger." They said you don't want the look to be so busy that you don't know where to focus, and I agree with that. (I also want that white dress.)

Throughout the entire season, Melissa has stayed true to herself and has really showed who she is a designer. Her collection is no different. However, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I've very much been Team Melissa all season and I think her collection had some strong pieces, but it's Fashion Week! You don't want to play it safe. I can appreciate leaning towards the cautious side, but as Heidi said it didn't "knock me off my chair." I do think her collection was the most consumer and wearable. (PS: And how adorable is Melissa and her boyfriend?!)

All three judges echoed that sentiment to not just Melissa, but to Dmitry, Fabio and Christopher: if this was you're only chance to ever see your collection walk the runway, would you regret not showing your "best" pieces? All four said yes. Luckily, all four get a second chance.