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Birdseed vs. Hamster Beds

By Tracy_Goldenberg 08/04/2011 07:41PM GMT

It's true, Tim Gunn: I've never heard the words "Wee-Wee Pads" used as often as in last night's episode. Sponsorship opportunity next year, guys?! (I kid.)

This unconventional challenge was a fun one. Besides the aforementioned overuse of the words "wee" and pet puns, we got to peel back the layers a bit and see everyone's true spots. (I needed to get that last pun out of my system.)

In the pet store, some designers are considering purchasing perishable dog food, and I can only wonder why, considering the smell. But, more important, Josh M.'s first thoughts on the challenge are not that it involves pets, but that it perhaps involves S&M ("I like it, like it!"). Keep the leashes away from that guy!

As the contestants survey their final purchases, as I always say, they mirror some fine moments in "Runway" history:

Anthony Ryan Episode 2Anthony Ryan is playing the role of Chloe in the Season 2 plant challenge. He's taking 98 bird feeders' worth of seed and is going to glue on every stinking one of those things until every inch of muslin is covered. The collar he created was a nice touch to what could have just been a "construction paper covered in glue and sparkles" project, and gave it an immediate look of sophistication. As for the "too short" note from Nina, yeah, it probably could have used another two inches, but it was still impeccably made.

• Bert is playing the role of Daniel V. in the Season 2 makeover challenge: the person who has immunity and fails to rise to the occasion. Bert. Buddy. Pal. You just came off of an Episode 1 win and you approach the second challenge by phoning it in? It was clear that he didn't want to work with these types of materials, and was going to use whatever was the most fabric-like to get the job done. He would have been in some serious trouble without that immunity.

Fallene is Gretchen in the Season 8 team challenge. She acts as if she's completely in love with her materials and her final end product, but throws herself under the bus when it comes to a bottom placement in judging. This woman has no fight! Stick up for yourself and DEFEND your garment!

• Bryce is every contestant in every season who ever made a dress that resembled a napkin. The top was kind of cute if you had one contact lens in one eye, but he made it through only because there was some joy there. It wasn't boring.

Zzz ... zzz ...

Oh, sorry.

I just fell asleep thinking about Josh C.'s design. Although it looks like he and his model finally hugged out their "fit" issues, it really was kind of a snoozer. Sorry that I will not be seeing any more of the newly formed Josh-Squared bromance that was blossoming. Sigh.

Olivier Green Episode 2Josh M. provided the shot of fashion triple espresso I needed with that fantastic crop top and the wacky parrot mirror. It looks like Josh M. is the type of designer who has problems editing, and if he's not careful, he could have the potential to have really beautiful work fade into the background because jazz hands and bells and whistles are drowning it out on the runway.

• Laura Kathleen is Zulema/Ping in their respective challenges when they had WAY too much of their model's booty exposed, but at least she had the wherewithal to call a spade a spade (or a butt a butt) and create a new, more modest skirt before the judges saw it.

• Although my Magician Award went to Anya last week (and she seemed to pull it out of the hat again last night), this week it goes to Viktor. "Oh my Lord of the Rings!" is right! He took the beloved Wee-Wee Pad and transformed not only the color but the texture to create something completely unrecognizable. Nice job.

Olivier is playing the role of ... well, himself. He may have the Malan accent, but he's certainly a unique character. (Also, I've known enough people from the state of Ohio to know that they do not sound like that. Even if they did a very long study-abroad program, they would not have returned saying things like, well, everything he says.) But we move on. Everything from his color palette to the textures he chose to play with gave his design a very luxe feel. The thin clear-plastic belt was a chic touch.

A well-deserved win, even if I do believe that Anthony Ryan's garment was better executed. Speaking of which, who else was waiting for Heidi to slap Michael or Nina in the face, exclaiming, "This one's for Mondo!" and Jessica Simpson to stage-dive into the mix for backup? ... OK, so I may have been alone there.

As for poor Josh C. leaving us this week, the only comfort is that when recapping these episodes every week, I will not have to indicate which Joshua I am referring to.

Here's to Josh M., a.k.a. the only Josh standing.