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Runway Déjà Vu! Plus Sexy: Minus Plus, Minus Sexy

By Tracy_Goldenberg 01/15/2010 05:14AM GMT

Is it just me, or was there some serious déjà vu happening in Season 7, Episode 1?

Christiane King’s design looked like the missing blue doppelganger of Season 6 designer Qristyl "Plus Sexy!" Frazier’s Episode 1 look, landing both ladies in the bottom three, but unfortunately for Christiane, this episode would be her first and last.

Other than that brief transportation into the past, Season 7 promises to be filled with my following predictions:

Jesus and Emilio share workroom secrets with each other en español.

Mila and Maya get mistaken for one another on the runway with their Louise Black–esque black bobs.

Ping choreographs dramatic interpretive fashion dances for each of her models to perform.

Janeane crafts a garment from tissues, because a box is always within reach {cue tears}.

Anthony gets his own stand-up show, because he just needs one. Now.

As you’re clicking through all the fun features we’ve rolled out for Episode 1 — Rate the Runway, Tim Gunn’s new blog, "Project Runway" Portfolios, designer video blogs — don’t forget to pick your favorite designers for your very own "Project Runway" Fantasy Game team. With Janeane shedding so many tears, she may be a sure thing to win you points in that category!

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