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Ping's Peek-a-Booty Bag Dress

By Tracy_Goldenberg 01/22/2010 05:16AM GMT

This may be one of my favorite "Runway" challenges in a long time. It may be because I'm über-Irish and have an inherent love of all thing potatoes, but it also could be because this really puts the designers' talents to the test: make ugly look expensive and pretty.

As we've seen in seasons of "Project Runway" past, impressing the judges in the "unconventional fabric challenge" is broken down into three key things:

1. If it's produce or a foodstuff with the risk of expiring on the runway, did it die halfway down the catwalk or did you shellac it within an inch of its life?

2. Does it look like it could pass as a legit fabric with its sister's fake ID?

3. Can your model act as if it's the most comfortable, amazing garment she's ever worn and is not secretly slowly breaking out into hives before the judges' eyes?

If you can pull the above off under the hot runway lights, you better hang on to that model for the next challenge and never let her go.

And speaking of the ghosts of "Runway" past, didn't Ping Wu's peek-a-booty dress for Elizaveta look exactly like a hybrid of the top of Andrae Gonzalo's garden party "doormat" dress and the (bare) bottom of Zulema "Shatangi" Griffin's revealing sweater dress? You know it does!

What did you think of last night's challenge? Read Tim Gunn’s blog for Episode 2 where he yells at Jesus (the designer, not the Biblical figure) to wake up and disagrees with the judges’ choice for best dress on the runway.