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Meet the 20 Designers of Season 9

By Tracy_Goldenberg 07/13/2011 11:35AM GMT

It's like the Christmas morning of fashion, people! The 20 (yes, twenty) designers of Season 9 are finally ready to be unwrapped, and the countdown to the big premiere on Thursday, July 28 at 9/8c on Lifetime is officially on.

Project Runway Season 9 Designers


There's plenty of ways to get to know this elite crew: designer bios and Q&As, their portfolio of inspirations and past work, personal photo galleries, home visit tours, casting videos and much more. But, why don't we do the group speed dating version here on the blog with an interesting takeaway from each contestant, shall we?:

Amanda Perna
Amanda's favorite purchase? Rain boots. She is the one person praying for rain, just so she can show them off. She also been known to form crushes on shoes.

Anthony Ryan Auld
This Southern boy is known for wearing skinny jeans and boots. Impressively, he found a pair of Gaultier glasses in France that just happened to be his very own prescription. They're his most expensive fashion splurge — and correct his vision!

Anya Ayoung-Chee
Anya walks into Season 9 with some serious bragging rights: she lives in tropical paradise (Trinidad and Tobago) and competed in the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant.

Becky Ross
This Portland, OR native first started making clothes for her Barbie dolls. You'll never see her wearing something white or boring — she is all about the color, including making sure all of her closet hangers are all of the same color.

Bert Keeter
His dream celebrity client is Oprah. He recently returned to fashion designing after a stint in retail, during which he used to sketch ideas on the back of register tape.

Bryce Black
Bryce Black worships at the altar of Gaga. Flip through his designer portfolio, and her name will be the answer to many design inspirations and client aspirations.

Cecilia Motwani
Cecilia only wears clothes she makes. Only. Her supermodel muse is Cindy Crawford.

Danielle Everine
Danielle is currently an intimates designer for Target. One of her recent collections was inspired by suiting.

David Chum
David claims that his entire teenage years were riddled with bad fashion choices. The worst offender? Wide-legged JNCO jeans.

Fallene Wells
If Fallene's name sounds familiar, Disney movie fans, it's because she is named after Bambi's girlfriend. This Denver, CO resident impressed the guest judges in her audition by creating her own textiles.

Gunnar Deatherage
Gunnar is a hairstylist by day and a self-taught designer by night. His closet is filled with lots of jackets (he loves dark colors) and unique jewelry finds.

Joshua McKinley
Joshua is one of the few people who have removed their shirt during a casting session, and we thank him for this. He listens to Katy Perry while designing.

Joshua Christensen
Always on the go between his home base of L.A. and Vegas, Joshua loves staying comfortable in T-shirts. He loves working with bright colors.

Julie Tierney
Julie loves tweeds and stripes and in her Southwest sportswear-inspired pieces. Guest judge Seth Aaron Henderson called her presentation at her audition Fashion Week–ready as a collection.

Kimberly Goldson
Singer Kelly Rowland provides some musical motivation to Kimberly when she's designing. This self-taught designer wore her own design to her audition.

Laura Kathleen
Laura Kathleen's style icon is Marilyn Monroe. You'll spot a huge poster of the film icon on her closet wall. She also loves vintage items and the label St. John.

Olivier Green
Olivier has a fabulous accent, only rivaled by Malan Breton. His closet features a prized, very Mister Rogers–esque sweater that he bought for a mere five pounds!

Rafael Cox
Rafael has a marching-band jacket in his closet. This prompts the question, "What instrument did he play ... and is it just a coincidence that he kind of looks like Prince in his publicity shot for the show?"

Serena da Conceicao
Serena has a photo of a Marc Jacobs bag on fire in her living room. She is careful to note that it is not Marc by Marc, so watch out!

Viktor Luna
Viktor has a pair of church shoes in his ridiculously organized closet. His most expensive clothing purchase? A Prada shirt.

Keep checking back here on the blog for more on these 20 new designers and details about Season 9.