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Meet "Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Peach Carr

By Tracy_Goldenberg 07/15/2010 05:49PM GMT

"Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Peach Carr creates all of her work in a hayloft, including her very own line of self-dubbed "mullet-wear" that combines the best of the business and party fashion worlds. Her hubby may call her "Johnny Cash" because of her black-saturated closet, but when it comes to designing (and her shoe collection), the self-taught Illinois mom is no stranger to bright bursts of color.

Take a spin inside Peach Carr's portfolio to see what — from Bowie to preppy — inspires the designer, and don't miss out on the video of her home visit. Where else can you get an old chicken coop–filled tour of a "Project Runway" contestant's 1890s barn-turned-house?