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Meet "Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Nicholas D'Aurizio

By Tracy_Goldenberg 07/23/2010 04:03PM GMT

"Project Runway" Season 8 Designer Nicholas D'Aurizio went from buildings to handbags when the architect and interior designer started creating clothing and accessories. His initial inspiration may have come from his grandfather, a sample maker in the ’30s and ’40s, but today he looks to the vampires to get his creative juices flowing — this Season 8 contestant’s most recent collection was made with the undead in mind.

Watch Nicholas D’Aurizio’s casting session and make sure to listen for his reaction to the news that he made it on the show. You’ll probably wish you were there for him to hug. Trust us. Then, check out the designer’s portfolio, filled with everything from past fashions to his current inspirations.