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Kirstin Haskins Simms: Retiring the Wooly Balls

By Tracy_Goldenberg 08/24/2010 06:59PM GMT

The very week after she tickled us — and Tim Gunn — pink, Kristin Haskins Simms ends her "Project Runway" journey. Check out the Lifetime Mom interview with a post-auf'd Kristin here, then read on to view our video picks for Kristin’s best (and ballsiest) “Project Runway” moments.

“I prefer the wooly balls.”

How could we pay tribute to Kirstin without bringing up the balls? Watch Kristin and Tim get goofy in the workroom during the party store challenge.

“That gets on my nerves too.”

Blame it on their ball bonding sesh, but Kristin and Tim have some of the best workroom camaraderie we've ever seen! And this gal knows how to take some critiques — watch what she does when Tim tells her he doesn't like something about her dress.

“When things get really grim...”

And we end our journey with the final passing of the balls as Tim says goodbye to Kirstin in this episode of Under the Gunn. Watch. Laugh. Cry. Put the wooly balls back in your pocket for another time.

For more from Kristin, don’t miss her interview with Lifetime Mom Cammie. And tell us what you think: What were your favorite Kristin Haskins Simms designs from “Project Runway” Season 8? Who is your favorite and least favorite designer so far?