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Is Carrie Underwood a Carol Hannah Casanova?

By Tracy_Goldenberg 11/23/2009 12:23PM GMT

Twitter was aflutter during the 2009 American Music Awards last night with one resounding question: No, not "Did you or didn't you catch J.Lo's dance-number tumble (ouch!)?", but "Was sassy country crooner Carrie Underwood wearing a Carol Hannah Whitfield design from her "Project Runway" Fashion Week collection during her performance of 'Cowboy Casanova'?"

Carrie Underwood Wears Carol Hannah?
Left: Carol Hannah's Fashion Week look. Right: Carrie Underwood at the 2009 AMAs. (Credit: WireImage)

So, was she or wasn't she? And who would be able to answer this question better than Carol Hannah herself, who received images of the singer's outfit from inquisitive fans: "I'm not sure whether to be happy and flattered or upset for being possibly copied — and rather poorly at that. Shorts???"

Perhaps Carrie's Carol Hannah–esque stage look was inspired by all those frequent-flier miles she racks up? Her design was recently featured in Sky magazine's blurb on New York Fashion Week:

Carol Hannah's design in Delta's Sky magazine

For more of Carol Hannah's (real) designs, check out her site,