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Halloween Costume Checklist, Plus Veruca Salt Says Farewell

By Tracy_Goldenberg 09/23/2011 05:00AM GMT

The SheepDogs on Project Runway I love the menswear challenges when they make an appearance on the show, mostly because they freak everyone out. As I've readily admitted before, I don't sew. I have no technical knowledge as to whether constructing a garment for a man to wear is the most difficult thing on the planet or not. And I really couldn't tell you whether male designers have a distinct advantage in this challenge solely because they wear the garments being made. All I know is everyone loses their cool, and it shows the true strengths (and weaknesses) of the designers remaining in the competition.

One of the bigger problems for the designers may not have been the fact that it was menswear, but that the 1970s came up as a not-so-subtle inspiration for The Sheepdogs' vibe. Almost every outfit up there on that runway had the elements of a literal Halloween costume checklist:

- Flared pants
- Fringe
- Vest
- Puzzlingly feminine floral pattern top
-Native American-esque beaded accessories
* Guitar not included

However, the Most Ridiculous Excuse of All Time Award must go to Olivier a.k.a. the Veruca Salt of Parsons.

Maybe it's the Surrey-via-Cincinnati accent. Maybe it's all the tension built up from never unbuttoning his top button. All I know is that Olivier dislikes unfit models, boobs and 6'3" men who play in bands.

Olivier during the menswear challengeHe's going to have a difficult time marketing his clothing to the masses when he will only allow 5'10" AA cup supermodels to be his muse, which is sad, because the potential is certainly there. But, if you're coming into a design competition as a, quote, menswear designer and you go home on a menswear challenge, that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads.

Viktor took home another well-deserved win thanks to a pleather jacket that was truly the saving grace of the night. That and the guest-judging of Adam Lambert. Although he couldn't take credit for coining the genius that is "Reggae Jesus" (bless you, Michael Kors), he was on the money about every single look on the stage. Come back next season, will ya?