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Fashion's Not For Sissies

By kim_messina 08/10/2012 04:39AM GMT

No truer words have been spoken, Mr. Kors. Well played.

For once in my life, I'm speechless. This never happens ... seriously. Going into this episode (or this season for that matter), I knew that Andrea and Kooan were peacing out this episode. Let's call it one of the many perks of working for Lifetime. But how they handled their departure completely befuddled me.

All I know is that thousands of hopefuls try out for "Project Runway" each season, and even the most talented designers don't make the cut when the final cast is narrowed down. It completely devastates me for those designers who genuinely deserved a spot on the show that two contestants just got up and left mid-competition — seeming ungrateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity that was presented to them. It's like, come on — "Project Runway" has been on for eight years and nine seasons. You knew exactly what you were getting into.

I will give Kooan props though for the way he bowed out. At least he had the courtesy and class to tell the designers his decision before his final, "Make it work!" Andrea, on the other hand, completely chickened out to the point that producers didn't know if something happened to her! Great example for your students, Andrea.

But enough of my lamenting about Kooan and Andrea — there's fashion that needs to be discussed!

For the record, I pray to the God otherwise known as Michael Kors. Even before becoming a "Runway" junkie, I swore by his clothes, bags, shoes, etc... His products are well-made, top-quality and relatively affordable. Michael's aesthetic completely encompasses my personal style. so if I ever was to become a fashion designer (I'm sure everyone I know is laughing at me right now — I can't even draw a stick figure!), his carrer and products would be my muse. That being said, I feel like the designers were handed this challenge on a silver platter: they were in Michael's amazing flagship store, with Michael (!) and he and Tim basically spelled out the way to win over the judges, keeping fabric in mind.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It never is. After all, it wouldn't be "Project Runway" without bad decisions, honest critiques from Tim and, of course, workroom drama.

Once the situation surrounding Kooan and Andrea subsided, some designs really started to stand out. Maybe not for the right reasons, but stand out, nonetheless. (Oh yeah, and welcome back Raul! You are very, very, very lucky!) Off the bat, Buffi's pink-but-not-pick-sorta-coral-with-zebra-print ensemble definitely made a statement — it screamed "Buffi." I am glad that she stayed true to herself, but as we all know, that doesn't always get you to Fashion Week.

What I found really interesting was that everyone really had their own perception of the "woman on the go." Nathan thought of a working mother and Buffi saw her girl as someone who works at night while Elena saw her woman switching from sneakers to pumps. It was all over the board. (PS: Was I the only one was humming Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money" the entire episode?!) Regardless of the designers' point of view, per usual, it all went down on the runway.

I agree with Tim when he said that this week has been the designers' strongest week so far. But then again, it doesn't take much to trump candy dresses and group challenges. And for once, I agree on who the judges put in the top and the bottom. I absolutely loved Christopher's black dress with leather jacket. It was sleek, chic and for a girl who work in New York City, it's definitely something I could see myself wearing as I strut my stuff (ha!) down third avenue. I'm sorta in a pickle about whether he should have won over Sonjia, but her dress was also really well executed. (And isn't she just adorable?!) I'm declaring it a hung jury.

Like I said before, Buffi designed the weakest look. It was clear as day to me. I loved her exit — the way she hid behind the couch was just precious. (If I'm being honest, I've had a Buffi obsession since before the show started. I had to call Buffi for something and she said, "Thanks, love!" at the end. I just adore sweet, cool people with accents.) So in a tribute to all things Buffi, let's take a walk down memory lane and watch why "Everyone Loves Buffi Jashanmal":

Are you going to miss Buffi as much as I will? Do you think it was her time to go?