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EXCLUSIVE: "Runway" Alum Michael Costello Talks Designing Beyonce's Grammys Gown

By kim_messina 01/27/2014 10:57AM GMT

Beyonce made a statement at last night's Grammy awards by wearing a sheer white dress designed by "Project Runway" alum Michael Costello. I chatted with Michael this morning and he is still over the moon. "It's amazing," he said. "I've been huge fan since I was 14. All of my sketches and designs are inspired by Destiny's Child and Beyonce." So how did Beyonce select Michael's dress? I got the inside scoop straight from the source.

Michael is friendly with Beyonce's stylist, Ty Hunter. Michael recently ran into Ty at a party (where Michael was hanging with Diddy - NBD!) and Ty said that he was looking for something for Beyonce to wear at the Grammys. About a week later, Ty called Michael's office and said that he was stopping by that afternoon to see some choices. Michael and his team scrambled some samples together in about three hours (Michael said it was like a high-speed "Project Runway" challenge!) and when Ty came to the office, he fell in love with that white dress, which Michael was planning to debut this February as part of his new Winter Wonderland collection. "It was a crazy process," Michael said.

Ty took the dress and several others and Michael just hoped something would make the final cut. Michael wasn't even sure if the dress was for a performance, a party or the red carpet!

Fast forward to the night of the Grammys. Michael was at the mall on the West Coast with his boyfriend and they saw a photo on Instagram of Beyonce in her black performance piece right after it aired on the East Coast. In that moment, Michael assumed that she did not select his dress. But just a few minutes later, he saw a that Ty posted on Instagram a close-up of the fabric and Michael instantly knew that the "Drunk in Love" singer also wore his dress. "I fell to the ground inside Macy's and cried," he told me. "I feel so blessed."

To see more of Michael's designs (he also dressed Tamar Braxton and Skylar Grey last night), follow him on Instagram.

I want to hear your thoughts! What was your first impression of Beyonce's Grammy gown? Do you think she was the best dress of the night? Sound off in the comments below!"

Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images