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Mondo Wins (But Loses), Plus Tim Buries the Gretchen Hatchet

By Tracy_Goldenberg 09/03/2010 06:00AM GMT

Watch Project Runway Episode 6I love this challenge. In fact, I had this same challenge in my head years ago and am glad it finally escaped from my inner monologue onto the runway.

Having been “that girl” who has had the honor of wearing an unfortunate-looking bridesmaid dress and was forced to contemplate what the heck one could do with a water-stained Eton blue taffeta dress with faux-flower embellishment post-wedding, I finally conceded to the next-best reuse of this garment: Halloween costume … for someone else … in another state. However, if I’d had Mondo Guerra on speed dial, I could have reduced, reused and recycled in style!

What I was most anxious to see in this episode was the aftermath of last week’s Tim vs. Gretchen showdown. Would they play totally passive-aggressive, thereby whittling down Tim’s workroom sessions with her to cryptic notes left on her workstation?

“Do less of that. This worries me. — Tim P.S. We are still in a fight.”

Or would they hug it out just to get through this next challenge? Looks like neither. After all, previous to the spotlight “Make it work!” brought to him, Tim Gunn was an instructor — and this reminded me of that. This could have been any episode. It wasn’t awkward, he wasn’t short with her, he didn’t deny her any useful feedback. He was all business. And for those of you who commented on the blog last week that Tim may have been out of line for his comments backstage to Gretchen, I hope you can see the man’s integrity here.

Get more Mondo!My initial thoughts on the garments in the workroom:
Ivy: Have you still not learned that pants are bad news bears? No less white satin pants on a woman who is not your model? [watches remainder of episode with hands covering eyes]
Christopher: You are so lucky your bridesmaid bailed, ’cause you got a model. Upgrade!
Michael C.: Your bridesmaid has fabulous arms and you are covering them up? With lace! That was last week!
Michael D.: It did kinda look like a giant bra on the front. Not gonna lie. But you tried.
Valerie: There is room for at least seven more embellishments.
Casanova: The man can sew a pair of pants. He should just make pants all the time. Pants as pants, pants as tops, pants as socks …
Gretchen: Thank goodness you had that little dress rehearsal before the runway where you tweaked your garment, cause the “side boob” was not a good look. Upgrade!
Mondo: Mondo is a genius. Who thinks to reverse the fabric? This guy!
Andy: I don’t really remember your garment, but your model worked it out.
Peach: You’re in a heap of trouble, but please stay because I love you. And your sweaters.
April: Upswing: Your bridesmaid was not as bad as Christian Siriano’s prom girl in Season 4.

Michael C. is still being slammed for his so-called lack of technical skills [rolls eyes] and later accused by Ivy, at the public viewing of their transformed bridesmaid dresses, of seeding the audience so that she received fewer votes. Speaking of votes, even though Mondo won the popular vote, Michael C. gets the last laugh — and a week of immunity — with the judges’ (electoral?) vote.

Adieu, sweet Peach. We shall miss you and your Peachisms.