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Jason Troisi as Dexter Morgan, and Other Crazy Episode 2 Things

By Tracy_Goldenberg 08/06/2010 05:55AM GMT
Not a serial killer.

As I’ve mentioned a fair number of times in the past, working on a show like “Project Runway” is a little bit awesome. This season I had the opportunity to see many of the auditions in person — with Uncle Nick and Sir Gunn! — and produce some of the home-visit videos. I know a lot of people swear that reality TV changes a person, and maybe it does, or perhaps isn’t an exact representation of someone, but how could sewing at a feverish pace for celebrity judges with cameras in your face possibly be normal, anyway?

I saw these Season 8 designers before they even set foot inside of Parsons or near a camera, so take my word when I say that even though Michael Costello (hilariously) swears up and down that Jason Troisi may be pulling a bit of a Dexter Morgan on us, I am living to tell the tale after surviving the “horror” that was Greenwich, Connecticut.

Truth be told — staplers, pins and all — the only thing I have been surprised by was the quality of his work before the show, versus the two pieces he showed on the runway. Maybe he couldn’t deal with the time constraints for the challenges, or maybe is trying to get all the Staples Rewards points he can get, but that’s what makes winning “Project Runway” all the more impressive. All the time in the world was not going to make that crazy dress work. Keep living that dream, guy.

Speaking of conspiracies, I do, however, wish I had been at Casanova’s audition to see this whole “pretending not to speak English” thing for myself. Amazing, though, that he managed to come up with the “prostitute (Episode 1)-to-virgin (Episode 2)” allegory. Two points for fashion’s greatest lover!

The Greatest Hater of Fashion’s Greatest Lover award may go to A.J. Thouvenot. Rawr! He will sooner cut you with those scissors than help teach you Garment Construction 101. (Marla-and-Chloe-in-Season-2 moment, anyone?)

Seeing double...

Elsewhere in the workroom, language conspiracy theorist Nicholas is proudly showing off his cloak/blouse/skirt creation to Tim as Challenge 1 winner Gretchen stares him down. The back of that garment did look a hell of a lot like her first design, but because she’s nice and from Oregon, she won’t tell him to his face. Plus, she probably knew in the back of her mind that Coco Rocha would be doing crazy switch leaps in her second-time-win jumpsuit later.

I do think the judges were pretty much on point with all of their reviews (see the full edit in our Extended Judging videos), but no one else noticed the biggest rip-off of the entire episode, other than yours truly? Kristin ripping off HERSELF. I know she has to know how to make something other than that. I’ve seen her portfolio. Well, I cannot wait to see what color it will be in next week.

P.S. I need to steal some of Christopher Collins’ expressions. (“It’s just so operatic, I can’t stand it!”)

P.P.S. Mondo needs to direct more photo shoots. Oh em gee! I am also glad that “Designing Women” didn’t bring Joanna Coles to the States. Woah.

P.P.S. For those of you still playing at home, Valerie’s “YC” logo on her shirts in this episode is for her label – YellowCake. #productplacementwin