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By Tracy_Goldenberg 10/08/2010 05:00AM GMT

I don’t know what “hoshkepôge” is, but I like Heidi’s word so much, I thought it was a perfect way to recap this episode. (I also thought it deserved a circumflex!)

Watch Ivy in actionGiving the designers an activewear challenge nearly paralyzed them into a fashion coma. The fact that six previously aufed designers got to come back to help the remaining six execute them was perhaps the smelling salts they needed to get their butts in gear. Or maybe it was just Ivy “Retroactive Justice for All” Higa, who now apparently thinks she was in an episode of “Law & Order: Garment District.” {“L&O” sound effect}

This isn’t the first time sticky tape on models has been a hot topic of contention in “Project Runway” history. “Models of the Runway” Season 1 had a whole episode dedicated to it when model Katie Sticksel accused (eventual season winner) Kalyn Hemphill of wearing double-sided tape in one of Irina Shabayeva’s garments to hold the top up and avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Why Sticky Tapegate didn’t come sooner than three episodes after the event allegedly happened, I don’t know. But all I do know is that I hope they brought back Katie to do the questioning, ’cause she takes her double-sided tape seriously. Episode-long seriously.

More hoshkepôge is on the horizon when Heidi herself pays the workroom a visit. (Gulp.) Maybe everyone’s just tired, maybe Mondo wanted to create a Chinese-finger-trap-style top to trap supermodels inside of, which by pure design WOULD take some serious cardio to break free from, but things got TENSE in there!

Gretchen also had her fair share of hoshkepôge, not only when Heidi caused her to throw fabric yardage across the workroom, but also when Gretchen actually had the hoshkepôge to accuse the host of not having a “complete” collection — and claim that her Bottom Three looks would be the missing pieces to round it out. Girl, you are lucky Heidi did not hoshkepôge you right there and then. Whew.

In the end, Andy comes back again with another win, breaking Mondo’s three-peat winning streak. (hoshkepôge!)

And another thing, not having enough Peach camera time in this mini reunion was TOTAL hoshkepôge. I demanded more! But at least we got Casanova.