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Pants Out of Pants, Kimonos Out of Kimonos

By Tracy_Goldenberg 07/30/2010 06:00AM GMT

The first “Runway” of Season 8 is finally here! All 90 minutes of it! So what’s new? (You really have no excuse to not watch it right now if you don’t already know, by the way. Full episodes of “Project Runway” are now available on Fridays! Rejoice!)

First off, there are 17 designers — the most in any season of the show. And it will only last … for an episode. The first challenge is being told that you have not actually been cast on the show! So not only will you go down in history as the first person to go home for the season, like the other Daniel Francos of the universe, but you didn’t even make it. Dag. They do not make greeting cards for that one, y’all.

Diving into the workroom with Tim

Second, there’s a new set and a new shiny runway. I have no idea what the catwalk is made of, but it looks like it would make an über-stylish Slip-n-Slide.

Let’s just dive right into it and move on to the workroom …

Poor Casanova is in mourning over his Dolce & Gabbana $1,007 pants, which I swore made their debut on the show as costing $1,070, but I could be wrong. This economy is killing everything, even designer pants prices in 90 minutes. Distracting him from Valerie’s seam ripping of his precious pantalones is his need to dress his model in as little clothing as possible. If anyone is still giving Season 7’s Emilio Sosa a hard time for his infamous string bikini, you should really give the guy a break now. Really.

To continue the “boobs” theme happening here, there’s Peach, using tulle to stuff her model’s dress and fill out the bust, and Jason, who, while making a kimono out of a kimono, became so distracted by his model’s heaving bosom that he couldn’t even finish his fitting. If he’s with the same model next week, this is going to be a recurring theme.

On to the runway and the judging …

I don’t know about you, but I really didn’t find McKell’s design so offensive. Jason stapled a kimono backwards on his model and called it a new garment. Stapled. Like what I used to do with my school uniform after I stepped on the hem in the playground and didn’t want a nun to give me detention. Nuns, like Michael Kors, may wear the same “uniform” every day, but Mr. Kors knows a jacked-up sewing job when he sees one! Then there’s Ivy, who may have made pants out of pants, but fought with every inch of her 5'1" frame to stay in the game and prove herself as a legitimate contender.

Get this boy a shot!

A standout moment is when La Señora Nina Garcia helps Heidi translate her thoughts to Casanova, the kind of sight I haven’t seen since Heidi broke out some German for Uli’s mother in Season 3! Languages and fashion come together once again.

Poor Nicholas. I wanted to hit “pause” and buy that man a shot or five. He is probably one of the most nervous contestants I’ve ever seen during judging on the runway, as opposed to, say, Andrae Gonzalo, who at least let it all pour out … of his eyes. But the judges let him stay!

The most awkward part of the whole episode was when McKell walked back into the designers’ area backstage and was cheered — and then hugged goodbye. Hasn’t this girl been through enough?!

Tune in next week, when Marie Claire’s Joanna Coles reveals whatever the “huge!” next challenge will be, and we see which of the remaining 16 designers makes the cut!