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Attend the "Project Runway" El Paseo Fashion Week Show

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/16/2012 06:36PM GMT
El Paseo Project Runway Fashion Show

"Project Runway" designers from different seasons are uniting off screen for Fashion Week 2012 in El Paseo, CA. Organized by "Project Runway All Stars" finalist and Season 8 designer Michael Costello himself for the second year, this year's fashion show features a serious runway show with designs from Kara Janx, Mila Hermanovski, Seth Aaron Henderson and Mondo Guerra, just to name a few. The runway show is Wednesday, March 21 at 8 pm pt, with a trunk show the following day on Thursday, March 22 from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm pt where you can actually buy the designers' looks. Michael C., as we're still inclined to call him, gives us some more details on the event!

Lisa Raphael: This is the second year you're doing the show at Fashion Week El Paseo, what was last year like?
It was me, Mondo and Christoper Collins — all the Season 8 boys! — and it was a huge success, sold out. People were standing literally trying to get into the fashion show. It's exciting because there's nothing else like it. I didn’t think it was going to sell out and it did in three weeks and the producers added additional seats and they started to sell standing tickets. This year the show already sold out and it’s bigger and better than ever because we have eight designers, all the fan’s favorites and kind of like heroes vs. villians in a way with Mila and Seth Aaron there from Season 7.

It’s not only the closest things to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it’s beautiful, there’s millions of dollars that go to the tent and the build-out and the runway’s 85-feet-long this year. Then, I do the trunk show the very next day because yes, it’s great when you can come and meet "Project Runway" designers at Fashion Week, but in the end it’s something for the fans and the designers to be able to buy their clothes.

I want to do this every year with different designers because people don’t forget about the designers. It's cool for all of the "Project Runway" fans who follow them or want to know what they’ve been up to. This is the great opportunity for the designers to deliver this awesome experience fashion show where people can see our latest collections. All of us get emails all the time, and they always ask us, "hey what have you been up to, where can we get your new line, how can we follow you?" and what better way than with an ultimate fan fashion show. You know what I mean? I think it’s going to be so fun.

And all of the designers in the above photo will be there?
Yes. There will be Mondo Guerra, Kara Janx, Mila Hermanovski, Seth Aaron, Gordhana Gelhausen, myself, Michael Drummond from Season 8 and Joshua Christensen from Season 9. He does menswear so the creative director of Fashion Week El Paseo, Susan Stein, my partner Richard and I came up with this really cool concept, to take one model who’s in the picture and transform her into every designer’s personal aesthetic — so we styled her as Mila in Mila's clothes, then we transformed her into something from Seth Aaron and when she transforms into Joshua Christensen’s men look, it’s amazing, she just looks so cool.

As "Project Runway" designers, we always hold Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the palm of our hand as the best memory for us and no other show we do can ever really compare, so we always compare and rip apart every venue and everything we ever do and it’s always in the back of my head, “well, it’s nothing like Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” (in my Michael Kors voice). So when they see this, I just want them to be blown away.

Any plans for next year's show yet?
I want to do this every year! Next year, I’m already working on which designers I want to show there. Right now, I’m talking to Anya, I’m talking to Joshua McKinley, Mondo again. Next year, I want to do Heroes vs. Villians of "Project Runway"!

Visit the Fashion Week El Paseo website for more info about the fabulous event, including the trunk show where you can meet and talk with the designers and place orders for the runway looks. Are you going to the show? Comment below to let us know which former "Project Runway" designer's show you would love to see live!