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Designers' Choice: Season 12, Episode 11

By laurareineke Fri., Sep. 27, 2013 ,4:09 am EDT

Exclusive! The Season 12 designers pick who they think had the Top and Bottom looks each week!

TOP Bradon "Awesome jacket."
BOTTOM Kate "Little House on the Prairie threw up."

TOP Bradon "Wearable, fun, cool print."
BOTTOM Helen "Confused by entire design."

TOP Justin "Love the print. Looks like an X-ray in a fun way."
BOTTOM Alexandria "Print, silouette and construction are weak."

TOP Kate "Love the play on transparency."
BOTTOM Alexander "Didn't like the silhouette."

TOP Dom "Clever use of color and scale for print."
BOTTOM Alexander "Awful silhouette. Looks like a dog-doo bag that needs to be disposed."

TOP Dom "She's the print lady. Love what she did."
BOTTOM Alexandria "Poorly constructed."

TOP Justin "Love the print."
BOTTOM Alexander "Didn't like the cross."