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Color Blocking vs. Cuckoo Chanel

By Tracy_Goldenberg 04/16/2010 05:03AM GMT

Ah, the home visits. At least poor Tim wasn’t trucking through mounds of Long Island’s finest snowbanks this season.

Starting off with Seth Aaron’s humble abode, we see a (mostly) black collection of leather badass-ery. One hundred percent Seth Aaron’s aesthetic. However, Tim has another point of view that can best be described via a comic book–esque series of photos:

“What the hell is this?”

“Stuff that’s gonna rock?”

“Stuff that’s gonna make you lose.”


“Redo it.”



And they hugged it out by playing Pictionary and jumping on trampolines.

Is this a setback? Absolutely. He’s down time, money and sanity, but knowing that this man can crank out multiple pieces in record time, I’m not too concerned. Oh, Tim.

Tim’s flying back across the country (remember when he used to drive there?) to New York to visit Emilio, who is totally throwing me off by not wearing a hat. He shows off a few pieces to Tim, who is less than thrilled. Emilio has upped the ante and created himself a proper logo to have E Sosa take over the world, which, as you know, Tim loves so much. I brace for fashion fisticuffs. Can we just move on? I’m scared!

Back across the country again, we visit Mila on the one day it has rained in Los Angeles. Ever.

Mila and Jay are going head-to-head for the final spot at Fashion Week, so these are the looks I’m most interested in seeing.

While we lovingly give her flak for always creating looks that are black and white, it’s what she’s good at. And, appropriately enough, the colors of her pet dog. Genius!

Also in California, Jay is creating some interesting looks (“It’s Cuckoo Chanel, girl!”) that, of course, also have Tim worried.

This is the first time in a long time I have seen Tim give such worrisome speeches at these home visits. All of them. Not one “Great! Don’t doubt yourself!” Now I really don’t know what to expect.

Rendezvousing back in New York, Mila and Jay have their game faces on … and a three-look collection to show. Emilio assists Mila (whose additional models — Holly Kiser and Shannon Pallay — are both from Season 1 of “Make Me a Supermodel”!), and Seth Aaron helps Jay on the finishing touches before showtime.

So, did the right person make it through? Are Emilio and Seth Aaron going to want to overhaul their entire collections based on Tim’s critiques? We’ll find out next week!