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A Rose By Any Other Design Would Smell Just as Sweet

By kim_messina 03/22/2013 04:25AM GMT

As much as I'll miss the hunks from Thunder From Down Under, I think we can all let out a sigh of relief because that disaster of a challenge is over. But as it became clear through out this episode, the designers were not quite ready to see past it. (I'm talking to you, Richard.)

It's the Lord & Taylor challenge! Besides the HP challenge (Next week!), this is always my favorite challenge because it gives us, the loyal "Project Runway" fans, a chance to actually purchase the winning design. But more on that later…

I really feel for the designers. At this point of the competition, they are sleep deprived, haven't seen their families for weeks and are so close, yet so far from being crowned the winner. And you can just see the look of despair on their faces each time Tim tells them they have "some business to take care." I don't know what's better anymore—having the judges pick the teams or the button bag. This week the teams were at the mercy of the judges again, dividing last week's teams into pairs with one trio: Stanley and Patricia, Daniel and Michelle, and Richard, Layana and Samantha.

After the usual drill of sketching (This week's inspiration: the Lord & Taylor rose) and Mood (Hi, Swatch!), it was on to 1407 for what should have been a relatively quiet day in the workroom since each person had their own design to worry about. I believe Stanley said in the beginning of the episode that it was going to be, "no drama day." He was wrong. In fact, he was the source of a good amount of drama!

If you were to ask me in the beginning of the season who would be one of the first ones to go, I would have said Patricia solely based on the fact that she typically has unconventional ideas, especially when it comes to textiles. But if there is one thing I've learned over the years, when it comes to PR, there is never a clear winner or loser at the beginning of the competition. And I must admit, Patricia has really won me over. It's a shame Stanley didn't feel the same way! Bless her heart. I would have gone total New Jersey on Stanley's @$$ if he badgered me as much as he did to Patricia. I get it Stanley, you don't like to lose, but leave her alone!

But Stanley's whining was nothing compared to the silent treatment that Richard was giving Layana. Get over yourself, dude. It's a competition—at some point, the claws will come out. I'm glad Layana didn't stoop to his level, but I would have also loved to have seen a full-on confrontation. That girl is a sassy one.

While Michelle and Daniel didn't have any drama, per se, but that pink fabric was a major sore spot for them. I'm team Michelle on this one (I hate pink). However, I do support Daniel's mantra, "Happy clothes for happy people." I do not support his tears over deconstructing his jacket. That was all a little to soap opera for me.

It was nice to see Rachel Roy back on the judges panel. She's a PR judge A-lister at this point! And as always, Bonnie Brooks brought an element of class and poise. She's pretty fab.

The looks:
-Patricia: The colors of her outfit look like sherbet to me. I'm not a huge fan of capri pants, but I thought the flowy top was beautiful. I loved the opening in the back. It's not my favorite design of hers, but it was definitely good enough to keep her safe.
-Stanley: Snore. Boring shift dress. Next.
-Michelle: Obsessed. As Heidi said, she was definitely the clear winner. Great color and the leather detail was the perfect touch. I agree with Rachel when she pointed out you could tell that Michelle really took into account what would look good on women of shapes and sizes. I'm literally running to Lord & Taylor tomorrow to buy the dress.
-Daniel: Also another boring dress. I'm just over these simple dresses. It's spring—have some fun! I kinda wish he stuck with the shorts idea. It would have looked dated with the "Joan Collins" blazer he made (RIP), but at least it wouldn't have been boring.
-Layana: I'm a sucker for a good maxi dress. Unlike Heidi, I actually liked the fabric. I do wish, however, she used a lighter fabric than leather for the accents. It was too much of a "hard and soft" contrast for me.
-Richard: OMG, guys! He designed a jersey dress just like the one he did for the senior fling! Gasp. He should have been sent home this week. Richard's been given one too many chances, if you ask me. Not that his dress was bad, it just lacked creativity.
-Samantha: Sammy B, what happened?! I 100 percent get that she wanted to design for the younger L&T audience, but this dress could have easily been sold at Forever 21 or H&M. Too much frill, the heart cutout was excessive and the colors screamed middle school dance. auf Wiedersehen.