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There’s No Place Like Home

Posted By LisaRaphael 1:51pm GMT

Josh was the big whiner.
Anya was the big winner.
Laura was out.

Nothing Like a Little Buzzkill
We open with fashion's golden goddess standing on the runway. She delivers to the widely grinning designers the news that there will only be THREE designers showing at Fashion Week. The. Bubble. Bursts. Did you really think that all four were going to get a ticket in? Come, now, you have been watching this show long enough.

So the designers all head home to make their collections and wait for Tim Gunn's visit.

Not as Easy as It Seams
Home visits in a nutshell …

Kimberly: Her inspiration is a "pre-gentrified" Brooklyn girl. Tim is concerned about her missing "wow" factor and her color palette; so am I. Our girl is in trouble here. Where are her magnificent pants? Her skills aren't showing here, and we all know she has them.

Anya: Inspired by a scuba diving trip to Tobago. Tim admires her prints and asks to see her work. She has not one garment done. There are only two weeks left. Anya is warned about the rules: no outside help. She is in an artistic rut and hasn't even sketched. Tim is growing paler by the minute.

Viktor: Inspired by a trip to Guadalajara. At first look, we feel better. Viktor's collection is what we would expect: original prints, meticulous execution and tasteful. That white leather jacket is an item that will sell so fast it would make you dizzy, no matter the cost. Beautiful work here. Tim is so impressed that he thinks Viktor will "knock their F-ing socks off." Tim, you devil.

Tim Gunn's facial expressionJosh: Clearly no inspiration mentioned ... just cranking out pieces, it seems. Tim's expression gets more priceless with every piece Josh reveals and subsequently discards. The collection is a heap of tacky textiles. Tim pronounces that Josh's central print is the "homeliest textile" he has ever seen. Ouch. Josh also has a lot of work to do in two weeks. Is it me, or does it appear that Josh has switched to a more subtle shade of bronzer? I digress.

Lincoln Center or Bust
Our chipper "it" girl greets the high-flying final four contestants in what appears to be a Mondo Guerra sugar skull top (am I wrong?) and leggings, eager to get this show on the road. The usual suspects are judging, all looking like they had a little canary for lunch.

The show, again, is a combination of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. Viktor throws down the proverbial gauntlet with a cohesive, impeccably made trio. Michael thinks that the zip leather skirt is overkill. So do I. The dress stands on its own, but I see where he was going. To no one's surprise, Heidi dons that magnificent Balmain-inspired jacket. Viktor leaves us wanting to see more. The judges are pleased, and Michael advises Viktor to make black slacks and a tee for the white jacket.

Anya's final three looks2. Anya is next and presents a WTH? mini-collection. The first dress is certainly her esthetic; anyone could wear that darling little dress. Then the rest is a mess. The bathing suit is nothing new, and her gold gown doesn't work at all. Poor fabric choice for her, and poor construction. Where is that free-spirited sprite of a designer? It seems that she was trying so hard to impress that she lost herself along the way. Michael exclaims that the gown looks "tortured." Nina wants Anya to embrace herself. So do we. This is so not "her."

3. Kimberly follows with a one-dress-success, as well. The black sparkle dress is lovely, but the other two looks fail to impress. Heidi thinks that the bubble skirt looks like a cartoon; I couldn't agree more. Nina warns Kimberly to lose the accessories — the giant earrings and enormous bags are overkill personified. There is so much cobalt blue going on that Kors thinks one of the models looks like she has "club foot." Again, we want more of those fabulous pants from her.

4. Josh finishes the day with a great jacket, passable neoprene LBD and a jumpsuit that looks great from the front (love the plastic) but a disaster (Kors, here) in the back. This would have been a real stunner if the model didn't have to turn around. Josh is praised for his clean styling and seems to feel as though he has this thing in the bag. Perhaps his guyliner is seeping into his pores; nothing is ever a sure thing on "Project Runway." Except Christian Siriano. Slam. Dunk.

Never Let Them See You Sweat
Josh is in ...
Viktor is in ...
Kimberly is in ... and after a very long and dramatic wait ...
Anya is in.

Next week: A happy ending for one.