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A Bird in the Hand Is Worth 20,000 in the Bush

Posted By LisaRaphael 4:46pm GMT

Leftovers from last week:
- Anya and Bert will peddle their wares on Piperlime
- Anthony Ryan will pedal his way home

Tim Gunn in the workroomOne Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Heidi starts off the episode by telling the designers, "Spread your wings" and not one of them thinks "bird"... honestly. In the workroom,Tim is joined by three screeching birds and Collier Strong, head consulting makeup artist for L'Oréal Paris. LOVE HIM.

Tim lays out the challenge: The exotic birds are to serve as inspiration for a high-fashion advertorial in Marie Claire magazine. There is also a $20,000 prize for the winner. What, no yacht?

The remaining designers are paired up, each pair is assigned a bird and they are to compete beak-to-beak. This is a two-day challenge, and Collier will consult on the makeup. Off they go to Mood with $300 under their wings.

Pecking Order
Things in the workroom are sticky-sweet, but you can see the designers circling one another. Perhaps we will see a cage fight?

Tim strolls in and uses the phrase "fiercely competitive" more than once, and then announces that the designers must create another look to walk the runway with another $300. Jaws dropping all around. Honestly, Josh should have jumped up right there and planted one on Tim, because there was a healthy pile of green crap on his dress form. Maybe he can redeem himself with something less tacky?

Beauty Queen vs. Cockroach ... My Money's on the Beauty Queen
Things are a snooze in the workroom (as they have been for quite some time) until a visitor arrives in the form of a New York–sized cockroach. Kimberly is up on the table in a New York minute, and the girls are all screaming (Josh is the loudest). Anya the delicate flower walks over and kills the thing with her shoe in two hits. Surprised she didn't scoop it up and use it for a brooch. She has a cute LBD on her dress form but cannot figure how to get her model in or out of it. A zipper must be out of the question.

Yes, it looked fashion-forward, but if she can't execute it, is it a success? If the designers weren't expected to successfully sew their own garments, they would have been given a tailor chained to their table. Don't get me wrong, I thought it was a great look in the end, but was it an accident or a design? I can see why Viktor, the most talented technician by far, is frustrated.

La Cage Aux Folles Down
Talented guest judge Francisco Costa is seated and ready for the runway, along with the usual suspects, to watch the show.

Kimberly and the models on the runwayOn the runway:
I personally loved what Kimberly did with polyester and three hours. It sure topped most of what was dragged down the runway. I, like Michael Kors, wasn't crazy about the trim, but I can see that dress being produced and worn by a vast array of women. Besides, she didn't get too literal with the challenge, for which I applaud her. I would have probably given her the win. Don't get me wrong, I liked Anya's dress. Very much. Those little sleeve-things bugged me.

Bert earned "lame duck" status with his drab and seen-so-many-times-before gown. Laura missed the mark with those painted-on pants and "feathers" at the blazer neck. Viktor had mad skills, but his look made his model look huge ... and she's a model. Besides, it was too literal for my taste, and too expected for an entry this late in the game. Viktor is much better than that. Josh tossed that green mess and walked his chic orange draped look instead. He should have ditched the (Kors here) "'drunk in the Caribbean' corsage." At least he laid off the rhinestones.

Now, can we address a line uttered by Michael Kors that is just too delicious to let go? We will: At one point in the judging Kors exclaimed that he is "a very orange kind of guy." Talk amongst yourselves.

A Good Egg
Anya and her LBD are given the win and the coins. Josh is unhappy, to say the least, and doesn't offer even a fake "congrats" to her.

Laid an Egg
Bert and his "Wonder Woman reptilian corset" (Kors and Garcia) gown flew the coop.

Next week:
The final challenge: create 3 looks with an "assistant" from their past. Hmmmmm.