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It's Raining Men

Posted By Antonia L. 11:30am GMT

Last week in a nutshell:
Josh was nasty.
Bert didn’t take the bait.
Anya won.
Becky was “cancelled.”

Dude Looks Like a Lady
 Heidi steps onto the runway in a little number that shows off a pair of stems for which she should call her parents in gratitude for the killer genes. She is swinging that button bag again. The designers are no longer smiling, and when Heidi announces that the models have the day off, brow sweat starts to form. Then, out comes a parade of dudes. Cleanup in aisle 7! ... we have puddles on the floor. Olivier is concerned that these “fat” men will be difficult to design for. Does he not realize that any one of these guys could snap him like a twig for calling them “fat?” Most likely he has changed his phone number by now. Maybe a mustache will help.

Not to worry: For this challenge, the designers must create a look for the spouses and girlfriends of these guys. WHEW! There will be two days for the challenge, and the women will model. After a brief consultation with the guys, the designers head off to Mood, men in tow.

Colonel Sanders Was Never This Obsessed
The workroom is buzzing with testosterone ... never in “Project Runway” history has the word “breast” been tossed around so much; of this I am sure. Bert’s dude wanted to show off his “hot piece of tushy,” and Olivier is terrified of his model’s DD cup size. He even goes so far as to ask Tim Gunn for cup size clarification. Tim responds beautifully by telling Olivier that he has no personal experience with the subject. Exit Tim, shaking his head. Exit Olivier, shaking and clutching his fabric.

Thanks for the Mammaries
In the workroom it is construction time, and of course there is more cup-size talk ... it’s like a frat house during sorority rush. Bert is mildly amused by his client’s antics (assaulting the dress form’s upper torso — you know what I mean) and tries very hard to hide it. Bert is patient, but you know he wants it all to stop. Enter the women in all shapes and sizes.

 Some have opinions, but most are happy with the direction in which their designer is heading — except, of course, sweating Olivier’s client. She has opinions about EVERYTHING. I am worried that we will soon see Olivier sporting no hair but a tiny patch. He doesn’t know how to deal with a real client and is fighting it all the way.

Viktor seems to have nailed this challenge, creating a look that makes it appear that this woman has been his client for years. Laura seems to have drawn her perfect client. It's like Barbie is dressing Barbie ... in a good way. Bryce is clearly struggling here, and has made two pink puckered messes. He also seems over the whole thing. Josh chucked the bedazzler and has created an LBD for his modest and darling client. Safe but cute.

"Bust" a Move
It’s runway day, and Olivier and Kimberly are stitching their looks as the models are walking out the door. Tim is not pleased.

The guest judge is actress Malin Akerman, working an on-trend red dress. The runway may have been walked by everyday women, but these women all strutted their stuff and seemed to be having a blast. Afterward, Laura, Kimberly and Olivier are safe.

On Top are:
Anya for her artsy and unusual print dress. The one sleeve bothered most of the judges. Her model had a great figure and cut arms; the one sleeve was an awkward and unusual choice. I am really liking Anya, though, at this point. Josh for his chic LBD. We have seen many like this, but the lace he used was perfect. He nailed his client’s style, and as Tim pointed out, she didn’t need a bra after all. Viktor for his impeccably tailored blouse and skirt. This was my favorite look of the night. It was the right look for the right woman. I agree that she needed to take off the glasses ... and the necklace. It was just too much.

At the Bottom of the Heap:
Bert for his pedestrian short tight shiny dress. Heidi likes the length, and Michael chimes in with a playful dig at Heidi’s almost nonexistent skirt. Hell, with legs like hers, who needs a skirt? Bryce for his unfortunate pink mess with huge pockets. Kors suggests that the model could clear off a buffet table (grab a lamb chop and a beer) and walk away with it all in those pockets. Nina exclaims that the dress is wearing her. Heidi is equally displeased. Anthony Ryan for a look that evoked: a cheerleader, an 80-year-old playing bingo and a superhero ice skater. He looks defeated and takes it on the chin well.

In Like a Lion ... Out Like a Lamb Chop
The winner: Josh and his LBD.

Leaving the buffet: Bryce and his Pepto-Dismal dress. He is a real sweetie, and he will be missed.

Next Week: ANOTHER team challenge ...