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Like Riding a Psychotic Horse Into Hell

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:01am GMT

Let's reminisce:
Viktor wowed ... he's in.
Josh impressed ... he's in.
Kimberly struggled ... she's in.
Anya mostly dropped the ball ... she's also in.

... And They're Off!
In the aftermath of the three-piece mini-collection judging, we find that Josh is still hating on Anya, while he really should be focusing on fixing the back of that jumpsuit. Viktor is confident in his skills and esthetic. Kimberly is panicked. Anya is deflated.

Enter Tim Gunn with a surprise. Last year it was a trip for the finalists; this year it is a bonus trip to Mood with $500. Really? Has this ever happened before? With two days before the final runway show, the designers have a chance to edit and change their collections to please the judges. Kimberly feels that this opportunity "levels the playing field." Bet Mondo would have loved that opportunity.

Insanity Doesn't Run in This Bunch, It Practically Gallops
Post–Mood shopping frenzy, the designers are as focused as nut-gathering squirrels in the fall. Enter Peter Butler (do I need to repeat that I have a thing for him?). He brings a bucket of water to the fire by offering styling advice for the big show. Peace doesn't last long, as Josh is having one of his meltdowns; Viktor tries to help him focus, and Anya comforts our resident diva. All hatchets appeared to be buried. Josh does show a glimmer of humor when he tells himself to "take a nap."

In the Home Stretch
The day before Lincoln Center, it is tough-love time for the designers, courtesy of Mr. Gunn.

Kimberly: Tim tries to persuade her to change the "booty skirt," but our girl is visibly fried, and I think it shows here. Am worried about her at this point.

Anya: The black and white prints are a welcome change, but she admits it isn't her best work. She has made several new looks in two days ... it can't be her best work.

Viktor: He has decided to remove some of the pieces made from his custom prints as well as a fabulous-looking black leather vest. Viktor seems to be letting all those opinions cloud his vision. His construction is flawless.

Josh: Tim declares that neon-green knit to be peculiar ... a delicate way of tagging it "ugly."

Panic is the color of the day, as most have much to do, and we are hoping not to see any safety pins tomorrow. Visions of Nina with a giant magnet in the front row, right?

Place Your Bets
The vibe is electric at Lincoln Center as Heidi (OMG) lights up the runway in her supermodel way. That sparkly black jumpsuit is killer. She is joined by the ever chic Nina and Michael ... and L'Wren Scott. The audience gasps, for Ms. Scott is as stunning as any human could be. What a smashing choice.

On to the collections …

KIMBERLY: A fun and hip vibe, although I wasn't crazy about her color palette. She had two killer looks: the white pants and top were perfection, and that black gown was stunning. Thank you, Kimberly, for reminding us why we have loved you from the beginning.

JOSH: The neoprene and plastic pieces were the stars of this collection. Am crazy about the plastic tortoise/green top and the neoprene jacket; all well-executed and modern. I was appalled, however, at those green shorts, which gave his model thunder thighs. I felt that this collection was too many trends rolled into one ball.

VIKTOR: His custom print pieces were lovely, as were the mirrored looks. That white jacket is perfection, and is some of the finest tailoring and fit I have seen since Christian Siriano and Laura Bennett. Viktor, get that white jacket made for Heidi!

ANYA: Her opening look was stunning, and her prints were sharp, although I got weary of seeing too much of the same look, piece after piece. Loved the bathing suit and the brown print pieces.The last dress, however, was an odd choice for the finale piece, as I felt it was one of her weakest.


Heidi declares "There are no losers" and hands down the decision:

Kimberly is out. She is praised for her sexy, modern POV, but the judges feel she is not quite "there" yet.

Viktor is out. His tailoring was polished and his printed looks fantastic, but the judges felt no connection within his collection.

Josh is out. His vision was considered to be fresh and interesting. Josh was voted "Best styling of the day."

The Winner by a Nose
Anya receives the crown that evaded her during the Miss Universe Pageant! She is praised by all for her Caribbean vibe and ease. The judges all see her future in the fashion industry as bright, and Kors tells Anya that this is "just the beginning."

So, another season ends ... are you hungry for more, or are you satisfied?