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Works and Plays Well With Others

By CaitlinBergmann Fri., Sep. 2, 2011 ,5:01 am EDT

Avant-garde challengeTo regurgitate last week’s drama:

Bert: Holier than thou
Josh: Meaner than dirt
Becky: Sobbing in the potty
Danielle: Took her chiffon and went home

Hang It on the Fridge
As Heidi dishes out the next challenge, we see the camera scanning the designers, surely looking for any shiners left over from an off-camera confrontation from last week. Nothing.

The challenge is handed out on location: The Harlem School of the Arts. The designers are told that they must collaborate with their assigned student to create a painting that will serve as inspiration for an avant-garde look. Children ... they intimidate some people and terrify others, namely Viktor; hence the “Jaws” theme playing in the background when he speaks. No one tells him that kids are just as afraid of you as you are of them. Just don’t corner one; they bite.

On the Playground
After a non-eventful trip to Mood, our Rembrandts unpack their bags of feathers and fur and leather ... because they need to be “edgy” this week. This does not bode well for the runway. Michael just LOVES red and black faux fur. Josh C. takes a strip and puts it on his head in a faux-hawk, and it looks like it just may be the best part of his garment.

HRH Josh M. is busy waxing on about how if Becky succeeds in this challenge it will most likely be because of his direction last week. He directed her right into the bathroom in tears after referring to her work as “dowdy” to her face. And then he was given the win. She probably did learn something.

I am relatively certain that Xanax was the coffee creamer of choice today, because everyone is playing nicely in the sandbox. Laura makes a point of being sweet to Bert, and Bert is Mr. Cartwheels and Puppies. Josh M. doesn’t even try to make anyone cry. Hmmmmm ....

Olivier is busted for gluing his dress to his model’s breast. What, no staple gun?

Report Card Day
Joining the usual crew are the stunning Zanna Roberts Rossi (adore her) and the Divine Kenneth Cole as today’s guest judges — great choices.

Let’s do a quick report card on some of the highs and lows:

Gold Stars For:

Laura: A+ Although not chic, it did rise to the challenge, and I loved the boning idea. Well done.

Josh M.: A The judges loved the painted skirt, but Michael ripped him for his “Tim Burton” styling.

Anthony Ryan: A+ Judges loved it, and it was the most chic of the bunch.

The Paste Eaters:

Avant-garde challengeBert: D Michael’s voice reached a whole new octave when he saw the “Teletubby cocktail party pants.” Zanna told Heidi that she would look like she WAS Baby #5 in them.

Josh C: D- Zanna called it “trashy,” Cole called it “Awkward Dominatrix” and Kors dubbed it “Victorian cocktail waitress” ... ouch.

Olivier: D Besides the fact that the skirt was so poorly done that his model’s undies showed when she walked, Heidi said it was sad and cheap and boring. Kenneth Cole thought it was just too much. Michael called Olivier’s creations “Valium clothes.”

Worthy of a Macaroni Necklace:

Anthony Ryan is crowned the winner (and declares himself a bride), and ...

Chosen Last for Dodgeball:

The bad news: Josh is out once again.

The good news: He says that it gets easier every time you are sent home.

Next Week ... One step closer to Fashion Week.

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