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Back to the Future

By LifetimeLisaR Thu., Sep. 29, 2011 ,3:11 pm EDT

Last Week:
Everyone shopped at the Brady Bunch Thrift Shop
Viktor rocked it
Olivier hit a sour note

Tim Gunn in the workroom"The Thrill Is Gone"
Heidi and her stilettos tell the designers to "Look to the past" for their next challenge: the '70s. Mixed reactions all around, as they royally butchered '70s wear just last week.

Tim is in the workroom with Piperlime apparel buyer Heather Archibald. The details of the task: create a look reflecting the '70s revival in a sophisticated way, without going too retro. The winning look will be produced and sold on Piperlime.com. Is it me, or are these rewards getting bigger every week? What's next, a yacht?

"Bridge Over Troubled Water"
Off the designers go to Mood armed with $100. Josh is whining about not knowing anything about '70s fashion. REALLY? What serious designer is ignorant of fashion history? My 17-year-old can fill him in. Josh: Call Molly.

The designers storm Mood with their money in hand, or in Anya's case, in breast. With five minutes left, Anya discovers that her money envelope is gone. How the "H" has no one found it? Is the envelope stuck to the bottom of someone's shoe because of a piece of gum? Did Swatch eat it? CRAZY. Anya is in full panic mode. The only one left with some spare change is Anthony Ryan, who gives the poor girl $11. Love him. Tim tells her that she can also use muslin. Tears. Anya is praised for her generosity in the past. More tears.

"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
In the sweatshop workroom, everyone is offering Anya their extra fabric, but she sticks to her original plan: use the $11 fabric and dye some muslin. Viktor is sniffing about not helping Anya because "This is a competition." She dropped her money. Believe me, I clutched that envelope like it was life support. Viktor is getting petty for someone so talented. Laura, on the other hand, is encouraging Anya, who is still teary.

Josh is skulking around checking everyone's work, and the designers are leery of him stealing ideas. You can tell that everyone is sick of him. Especially Viktor.

"Disco Inferno"
Enter the divine Mr. Gunn to hand out another piece of the challenge: create a second look for $50. Back to Mood. Anya has stapled her money to her chest.

guest judge Olivia Palermo"Rocky Mountain High"
It's Runway time. Heidi, in a killer dress and flawless hair, greets guest judge Olivia Palermo, a stunning über-qualified celeb and guest editor for Piperlime. The show begins, and I find myself scratching my head at some of the looks. Maybe it is because I was a kid in the '70s.

Going straight to DVD:
Kimberly was sent to safety. Did no one else see the opening in the front of the vest?

Laura and Anthony Ryan got lost along the timeline, and Josh went just plain crazy with those insane pants, which evoked the highest-pitched scream we have heard from Kors yet. Dogs in the neighborhood came running.

Anthony Ryan told the judges that he was going in the "weed smoking" direction; Kors agreed about the weed and then gasped at the back of the unfortunate skirt. To A.R: Honey, I have made a skirt like that ... it too hurts Michael's eyes.

Nina got in her licks with Laura, calling the chevron top a "prison uniform." Evidently Nina has issues with Laura's taste level. Olivia, with her keen eye, was just as disappointed in these three.

Up for the Oscar:
Viktor impressed all with his mad tailoring skills, but it needed to be sexier. Would have loved to see a little color here.

Anya was getting love for her two looks, even the giant jumpsuit. Loved the fabric, but didn't it seem like all the models could have worn it at the same time? She did not crumble under pressure. Good girl.

Bert was praised for his "Roller Barbie" (thanks, Laura) booty short look, and all loved his simple little dress.

"Stayin' Alive"
Anya is handed the win, and her jumpsuit will be sold on Piperlime.com. Bert is also rewarded for his little dress, which will also appear on the website.

"Dust in the Wind"
Anthony Ryan leaves with the charm and grace you would expect from someone so well loved. His kindness and genuinely sweet disposition will be sorely missed; I am sad to see him go.