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The End Is Here

By laurareineke 10/18/2013 04:39AM GMT

The end is here—well, at least for this twelfth season of "Project Runway." Now, before I begin discussing this finale episode and my recap of the collections, I have to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who tuned in and joined me for the FIRST EVER "Part 1 Finale Live Chat" here on I had a blast during my "Nick Dishing on the Web" session, answering fan questions about the season and "Project Runway" in general. I really enjoyed it and hope we can do it again next season!

Time to DISH on the Finale
As of last week, there were five remaining designers—with Bradon and Dom having secured spots at Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week and three having to "fight it out" for the coveted third spot. As it turns out, there were going to be four designers showing. Alexandria and Justin were in and Helen (and her "caped crusader" girls) was out.

Washable Redux
Halfway through last week's episode, we had the introduction of a final challenge, the Tide Pods Washable Fabrics Challenge. The designers had to create a look using only washable fabrics. The challenge, however, was derailed as a result of Tim's unfortunate subway accident. During my Live Chat, I talked about how great this challenge was since I think it is so important for "high fashion" designers to think of using washable fabrics in their collections. This was brought to my attention this past Summer while doing events for my NV Nick Verreos dress line; I heard from LOTS of women who told me how important it was for them to have chic garments that they can actually throw in the wash. But during last week's episode, it was only introduced and then...nothing else about it happened.

Step Away From The BouillonnÈ
The beginning of this episode solved my "Can we get back to the Tide Challenge?" conundrum and immediately showed the Top 4 designers at Mood, picking their washable fabrics and going back to their Parsons Workroom to create their a "washable look that pops" as well as finish whatever they had to do in their collections. Tim checks in. Last week we got a glimpse of what Bradon and Dom were doing through their home visits but this time, Tim got more up close and personal. He LOVED what Bradon's collection was looking like; but I didn't so much. Bradon was mixing prints and while that could have turned out to be good, his designs looked missy, and the styles, not directional enough. And, oh dear: did I spot his BouillonnÈ pick-up 1984 prom technique in some of the looks? No, please Bradon, I said this once and I'll say it again: Step away from the BouillonnÈ! S'il vous plaÓt!

Don't Listen To Tim
I also didn't think Tim's critique of Dom's FABULOUS prints was warranted; he was worried about them and thought they may go a bit "cartoony." I thought they were great, and if anyone can mix prints, it's Dom—not Bradon, thank you very much. Now I'm two for two, in terms of not agreeing with Tim's (usually insightful) two cents. Time for Alexandria: Tim thought she should nix her t-shirts (since Nina wasn't a fan). Good enough, I get that; it's always good to bring back judges' feedback to the designers and alert them of anything they didn't like.

Early Wake Up
It's Runway Day and the designers are up and ready at the ungodly hour of 2 a.m. I love that they show them traipsing on their way to Lincoln Center at this hour while most Manhattan-ites are just leaving the bars. In case you guys are wondering why they have to be up at this time, it's because traditionally, the "Project Runway" finale fashion show at Lincoln Center has two showings: One at 6 a.m. (for extra camera footage) and one around 10 a.m. (for the press, fashion editors, stylists, celebs, etc.). I've attended many a "Project Runway" Finale Fashion Show and thank goodness, it has always been the latter one.

The Runway
Here is what I wrote on my "Nick Judge's Card" on the final collections:

Justin: His entire collection is sleek and very modern. I love it. It looks refined and very directional. And construction-wise, there were no loose threads or visible seam puckering: Good job Justin! I liked the hairstyles he gave his models last week (even though most of the judges had issues) but, I admit these re-styled 'dos were much better; they matched the sleek, architectural lines of his designs. I LOVED his unconventional "test tube" final gown as well as what he created for the Tide Washable Look. Both blended seamlessly into the collection.

Dom: Two words: Luxe Resort. Her collection blew me away; just gorgeous. I am immediately drawn to her prints and the fact that she showed me a story and one woman and I totally "got" who she was. My favorite look was a printed jersey cowl back dress with sleeves. Chic and effortless. She should be in Santorini eating Spanakopita and drinking ouzo with a multi-millionaire Greek shipping heir. Her unconventional final gown was flawless. Dom is the winner for me—just from her runway collection.

Alexandria: First off, I wasn't a fan of her unconventional creation; it looked very Arts-and-Crafty/Student Fashion Show. I admire what she was going for but with the rest of her collection, it did not belong there. Besides that, I actually liked most of her designs; they were chic, modern, and very Heidi Klum in Berlin Fashion Week. Right now, I'm thinking it's between Justin and Alexandria for 2nd place.

Bradon: Bradon is the last to show—and last on my "Nick Judge's Card." I was let down by his collection. I don't think he should have begun his show with a printed top and iridescent lame and organza BouillonnÈ gown-skirt. The entire collection looks dated, not directional enough, and for an "older woman" who isn't so fashionable. What happened? Bradon was a judges' favorite and Tim LOVED him too! He admits during the final judging panel that he's only been doing this for three years and well, this tells me that he needs more time to know who he is and cultivate his design aesthetic. Trust me; it takes more than just three years. And I didn't even mention the fact that his Unconventional look—compared to the rest of the designers—was a major hashtag fail.

And The Winner Is...
Bradon was out, which left Justin, Alexandria and Dom. Justin was the next to be auf'd. His fabulous 3D prints weren't enough to satisfy the judges. Leaving Alexandria and Dom. Out of these two finalists, it was pretty obvious that Dom was the top. Yes, the Winner. The judges loved her collection and her 1960s Retro "Supremes" styling. This was the designer one can see a brand being created with. To me, her finale collection was the best, by far. It told a story, created a mood and looked directional, high-fashion and perfectly made. Move over Trina Turk, it's Dom Streater printed dresses. Soon at Belk. If I was a girl, I'd be all over it!

Until next season! Byeee!!!!!